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’s latest EP, 80-69-64, which is set for release July 14, is a short, six-song album that packs a lot of punch with no filler. And, while the album may be short, no one is about to call it “sweet.”

Produced and mixed by Brian Moncarz (The Trews, Our Lady Peace, Bleeker, Circa Survive) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Marilyn Manson, Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood) this EP hits listeners where it hurts.

With a raw, gritty chorus, Sin starts the party off early-on in the EP and serves as a sort of post-grunge take on stadium rock. As it sends a “gonna live, gonna live” chorus screaming through the speakers, the track is quick to tell listeners what this band stands for.

keeps things going rolling with the second track, Gimme Time. With a slower tempo, crashing drums, perfected stops and rich vocals, the track pays tribute to the band’s ‘bluesier’ side.

Following suit with the previous track, Bright Lights continues the slow-down while still managing to fit in a kick-ass guitar solo near the end.

Southern Lips kicks the tempo right back up, and it’s exactly the kind of track you’d expect to be delivered with a cheeky grin and a vivacious wink. If you’re looking for a good song to blast while you’re cruising the highway, this is your song.

Smoke & Ashes has a slow, creeping intro which soon leads into a bluesy rock track. It’s slower than the other tracks, but it’s still a strong one.

The final track, Little Miss Filthy catches listeners right away with its screaming vocals. Staying true to its namesake, this track is hard, gritty, dirty and full of everything it seems to promise.

With an EP, it can be tough for a band to make an impact. But did just that and more while touting all the spirit of the Deep South.

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