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Leather Leone, Chastain’s ripping, roaring female throat of the ‘80s and early ‘90s blasts speakers with her second solo release, II.  The sonic, guttural, gravel licking rasp that made her a microphone reaping presence continues, blasting through 11 new tracks.  Like the Cruella de Vil of metal, Leather has been compared to powerhouses Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford.  Leone combines those influences with Grace Slick, Doro, a heavy Janis Joplin with some Exorcist bass for possessive delivery.

She joined Chastain in 1984 recording five albums between ’85 and ’90, departing in 1991.  After a long hiatus she returned in 2016, successfully touring South America and Europe, which helped to inspire new material.

Sounding rabid and hungry as ever Juggernaut smashes right out the gate with Priest ripping fury, blasting adrenaline full swing.  It’s a modernized fist pumping flashback to big haired, leather-filled arenas.

The dream-like seductions of the desert return on The Outsider, a Headbanger’s Ball remembrance of the road burning loner anthem and his ride.

Annabelle conjures up creepy melodies from an eye piercing experience with young eyes presumed innocent.  Leather crows out a raven-winged haunted lullaby.  King Diamond has Abigail, Leather has Annabelle.  Hopefully the kid’s not cursed.

Hidden in the Dark celebrates all things protected and concealed behind closed doors with desires best left buried in the ground or mind.

Sleep Deep swims in Dio-era Sabbath doom and blues.  In her dreams, she plays the dream warrior, child and master.  She’s too dark and sinister for any burned-out boogie man on her turf.  

Give Me Reason mixes ‘50s sock hop with a bar room brawl, rhythm and blues and a boozing good time.  The animals come out when the moon is full.

Leather’s returned with a new guitar stinging, throat ripper that’s raw, seductive and something that needs to be heard live.

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