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CROP Lit Soul DSC_6111 copyWith so many bands out here in the Los Angeles area, it is not always easy for a band or artist to stand out, but sometimes you are lucky enough to find that diamond in the rough which is Lit Soul, a local melodic hard rock/metal band that delivers political liberty within their poetic lyrics. On July 25th, Lit Soul took the stage at the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA where they had everyone enticed from the first note. Prior to the set, we were able to chat with the band members. Founded by lead vocalist Rob Chevelle around 2008, Lit Soul has included several band changes over the years but with the additions of Jerome Severin on bass, Ty Dennis on drums and Jess P. Tzimas on lead guitar the chemistry is undeniably smoking hot. In speaking with Chevelle, he informed us that Lit Soul has recently signed a one year contract with Miss Crazy Records and is anticipating the release of their album Love At War. In addition to the record release, the label will also handle their merchandise and live shows which could not have come at a more perfect time since the band is seemingly on the way up. We also discovered that this show fell on the perfect night to celebrate Chevelle’s birthday.

CROP Lit Soul DSC_5976 copyStarting off with Push On Through, it was evident when the crowd rushed to the front of the stage, with cell phones on record that Lit Soul was going to be extremely impressive. As they started out with heavy guitar and spoken word, Chevelle quickly brought on some powerful vocals to accompany a sinful dose of rock n’ roll. Almost immediately you could sense how much the band enjoys playing music and how they effortlessly maintained an onstage metal symphony. Leather Steeds starts out with a heavy guitar intro and goes into a sexy melody. With Chevelle, Severin and Tzimas lined up at center stage, they played not only to each other but to the audience. They put on a real show which added mounds of excitement to their already solid music. Eternal, Petrified Time, Alliance and Stoner Rock continued to drive home what there is to love about rock n’ roll. Lit Soul has an extreme amount of heart and a warm connection to their fans. The last song of the night was an impressive cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World which was only recently added to their set list and was the ultimate ending for an unforgettable show. During the break in the song, Chevelle ventured into the audience and gave out hugs to various people in the crowd.

Lit Soul’s combination of truth and passion in their music along along with how well they treat everyone who comes into their shows, give them the tools they need to get to the next level in their career.  Lit Soul is a group of down to earth, talented musicians who have an obviously loyal fanbase. This is a band that we will be following in the future and hope to see some Screamer Magazine readers follow them as well.

Photos by: Lady Lea Photography

CROP Lit Soul DSC_6271 copyCROP Lit Soul DSC_6131 copyCROP Lit Soul DSC_6185 copyLit Soul - Love At War

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