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Former Sister Sin frontwoman Liv Sin barnstorms into her solo career with a return to old school heavy metal with Follow Me, growling, singing and rasping over 11 tracks.

For 13 years the Swedish singer gave Sister Sin its voice.  A break ended in a breakup from road burnout disbanding in 2015, thus breathing life into Liv Sin.

It’s a blend of old fashioned metal with thrash mixed with black and a voice full of bile and charm.

Follow Me was recorded for whiplash effect, with concussion inducing tunes.  Sin delivers dark head banging hymns through clenched teeth, gritting ear to ear in the vein of Blackie Lawless, Bobby Ellsworth, Udo Dirkschneider, Doro and Venom.

The unrelenting thrashtastic pace of The Fall, welcomes giving no time for an intro other than a screaming punch in the face to listen.

Hypocrite is bass-laden, riding like a dark passenger.  Let Me Out tightens like an addictive rope around the neck, riffs stretch out veins like descending spiraling steps into darkness.  A prisoner locked in personal memories and mentally enclosed castles.

Black Souls bluesy notes paint the picture before the canvas is smashed by a mosh pit of guitars and Sin’s screams.  Godless Utopia’s cavernous riffs rip and tear into a divineless paradise.

Endless Roads is a melodic rocker hailing back to the ‘80s L.A. Strip and desert sands, riffs grinding and dragging in the dirt.  Killing Ourselves to Live gallops like a timeless rallying call with Schmier (Destruction) on guest vocals.

Guitars reap wrongdoing with a slower steady chug on I’m Your Sin as Emperor of Chaos rams through the head like a screaming conquering regime.

Liv takes partial namesake from the Metal God with help from Jyrki (The 69 Eyes) on Immortal Sin.  The Beast Inside ends with clean vocals, hidden behind the growl.


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