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LullwaterIn December, 2011, these four passionate and devoted Georgian rockers influenced and inspired by the Seattle scene during the 90’s uprooted and moved to the U.S.  Two songs have already been shared with those paying attention, Blind and Tug of War.  Wishing as hard as they can, the band hope sincerely to connect with those who connect with their songs – so from the 13 tracks included on this self-titled studio album, will you care?

Featuring John Strickland on rhythm guitar and vocals, Brett Strickland pulling shapes during playing the lead guitar and contributing vocals, drummer Joseph Wilson plus Roy Beatty plucking away on bass and completing the line-up, this album is accessible and has an ‘earthy’ quality.  Melodies swim amongst the ocean of distortion and arrangement.

The Dream, the Foo Fighters-esque Albatross and the laid back vibes of Walk on By all celebrate the quality in which they live within, whilst Hello hands over the final part of the album to a hidden acoustic-based track.  On reflection you may find yourself being distracted with comparisons to Foo Fighters, Silverchair or an abundance of similar sounding bands, but when the songs are strong and sincere like these, you may not object too much.

With echoes to their heroes weaving in and out of the musical tapestries, conflicts with thoughts of their originality surface, but then again it is a different flavor when feeling nostalgic.  The notion of listening to new music when it is haunted by a scene that has been and gone isn’t always a negative angle.

Get a Life, A Plane and Waste Yourself all come and go with the best of intentions but do little to extend their legacy.  The sense of adventure and an edgy side very rarely appear, but with the band pushing themselves on the next album, there may be room for such attributes. These are relatively early days for , but with a band name that is striking and some good songs amongst this collection, there are certainly positive times ahead.  It may just prove to be a long road for them to appear as they continue to build their fan base and grow artistically.

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