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front man has released his tenth solo record, named after The Commandments. The album is simply titled Ten. The record features a wide list of heavy musicianship from Whitesnake to Fozzy to Queensrÿche and L.A. Guns, even venturing into the realm of extreme metal.  More than guest musicians took part in the recording, lending voices and notes to Sweet’s compositions honoring the most high.

The devil and God are still arch enemies so it makes sense for Sweet to enlist the extreme talents of Jeff Loomis shredding through musical scripture on Better Part of Me.  Fires blaze fighting inner darkness as guitars crank out notes of holy harmony as Sweet opens the heavenly lungs with a strong vocal shredder.

Forget, Forgive is down and dirty with strings thumping an aggressively strong sound.  Sweet’s pipe’s wail rocking a dirty bar blues delivery with hard rock flavor accompanied by Howie Simon.  Vocal riffs give the voice an instrumental effect with Simon’s almost sinful hands gliding up and down the frets with notes of personal darkness and light.  Sweet exorcises his lungs with voice stretching notes, and thus another soul is saved.

Fozzy’s Rich Ward honors the list, with a little bit of the musical bubbly with wah-wah in effect and riffs for the King of Kings.

Sweet goes it alone on Let it be Love with a slower, often acoustic feel with some electricity.  You can almost feel the ‘80s spotlight and stools.

Never Alone is the first of two string benders with a double shot of the viper’s tongue by Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra.  Hoekstra is probably the only serpentine figure Sweet allows in proximity.   and Whitesnake would be a great arena bill in any decade, and a David Coverdale/Sweet duet would be metal royalty but for now we’re happy with Hoekstra and Sweet on the same tunes.

Son of Man is a friendly competition of high notes with Todd La Torre tearing up the speakers with Sweet.

Ten’s a nice career marker for Sweet as continues to record and tour, cementing his solo work as an extension of the yellow and black attack.

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