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Miss May I - DeathlessAfter having received heavily mixed reviews on their fourth studio album, Deathless saw Miss May I once again return to working with acclaimed metalcore producer Joey Sturgis, who worked on Miss May I’s first two records, as well as The Devil Wears Prada’s iconic Zombie EP and Asking Alexandria’s Stand Up and Scream.
I.H.E. starts the album off with slow-burning and atmospheric guitars then kick-starts into a pounding beat with killer guitar riffs. The title, an acronym for the lyrics “I hate everything, I hate everyone,” is not exactly poetry. But, even so, vocalist Levi Benton’s punishing screams have only improved across the band’s previous albums and wreak havoc on this opening track.
One of the stand-out tracks, Turn Back The Time, is a collection of crunching guitar riffs, dominant vocals, and some of the most potent lyrics the album has to offer. The thrash speed metal featured in this track is exactly what separates Miss May I from their counterparts, only to bring listeners a soothing chorus that balances out perfectly.
In the title-track, Deathless, bassist Ryan Neff’s clean vocals, on this track and throughout most of the record, have some of the most passionate and experimental ranges to match with Levi’s ability as a screamer. Much like the rest of the album, Deathless gives the impression that it’s deeply personal. It embodies an issue on just letting someone go for good, a subject many can relate with.
Ultimately, Miss May I seem firmly planted in their metalcore roots. Much like their previous albums, this ten-track album features aggressive lyrics and a yin and yang combo of clean and heavy vocals. Thematically, Deathless is an album about betrayal and redemption. And while the album gives Miss May I’s growing fan base a more personal look into the band, it also shows them the band has no intentions of going soft.

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