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Monster Magnet - Milking The StarsBack in November, 2013, your favorite monthly online magazine Screamer Magazine reviewed the latest studio album at that time (Last Patrol) by the mighty Monster Magnet singing its praises and explaining what a return to form it proved to be.  Like any healthy franchise you have to receive a sequel and in this fine tradition here you go!

Lead vocalist and main brain behind the ‘Magnet, Dave Wyndorf explains the idea behind this album.  “Milking the Stars… is a ‘re-imagined’ version of Last Patrol featuring four new songs and live tracks.  This was a happy experiment for me.  It’s not a re-mix record by the current definition.  It’s more like Last Patrol in a ‘what if?’ style alternate reality.”

Saying Wyndorf is the lead vocalist is quite ironic as you travel through the fumes of multi-colored smoke via album-opener Let the Circus Burn, a seven minute plus instrumental trip!  Thankfully he does get to exercise his larynx with that wonderful tone and grit on the second track Mindless Ones ’68.

Talking about the highly creative and sensitive one, he also had this to say about this new audible journey; “What if these songs were recorded in 1968?  What would happen if I turned a pretty song into an angry one?  How would adding creepy organs and Mellotrons affect the emotional vibe of a song?  These are just a few of the questions that roll around in my head when I write and record any album…”

Milking the Stars… conjures up many moments like the brief outburst of instrumentation reminiscent of Wish by Nine Inch Nails during a section of End of Time (B-3), or the narrative from Wyndorf on Hellelujah (Fuzz And Swamp) where he captures the spirit of a Tarantino creation in the persona of a sonically inspired priest, or the atmospheric and moody Stay Tuned (Even Sadder).

Depending on which format and version you buy, there are two live tracks added on the tail end of the album.  Due to the extensive touring for Last Patrol around the globe, it’s of little surprise that the title track and Three Kingfishers are caught in their live costumes, recorded earlier this year in Brussels, Belgium.

When people really took notice of Monster Magnet around the release of the 1995 album Dopes to Infinity, they called the band “Space Rock” but if you talk to fans or critics these days the band is labelled as “Stoner Rock”; why can’t these admirers break with tradition and just call the band “Orgasmic Rock”?!

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