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81l-6XmFKWL._SL1424_ CROPEl Paso, Texas band formed from the ashes of the band Never Enough, which also featured members who would eventually go on to form 18 Visions. has just released Happily Never After on Famous Records Global, a company founded by Evanescence drummer Will Hunt. The band has a sound that could best be described as industrial arena rock, if there is such a thing, or maybe they just invented it. Marilyn Manson and Avenged Sevenfold would probably be the first to bands that come to mind when listening to Happily Never After. They offer the creepy, chunky sound of Manson with the guitar licks and hooks of Sevenfold. The album opens with the big arena rock drums of the song Legion, which then leads into chunky industrial influenced guitar riff overlaid with creepy organ keyboard hooks.  The song Machine Gun Kisses, which was also featured on Rock Band 3, immediately punches the listener in the face with vocalist, guitarist, and programmer Norman Matthew screaming “machine gun kisses” at the top of his lungs. Matthew has a very diverse voice and can easily go from singing a raspy, deep Manson-esque segment of the song to a big dramatic clean hook part. The albums ends with the steady beat of We the Evil as remixed by Tommy Lee. Despite having a definite industrial influence to the record the band does not skimp on epic guitar solos and some really complicated riff work that is often absent on industrial albums. There are not many slow songs on the album, with most of it being heavy and in-your-face. Like Glass starts like it might be an introspective piano song, but then heads into a solid rock riff. Burn is probably the slowest on the album with a definite Nine Inch Nails influence to the music. This is the perfect album for those who grew up on 80’s metal and then blossomed into 90’s industrial fans. It truly encompasses the sound of both eras.

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