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New Years Day has tailored their vision from the beginning, dangling inner skeletons and personal demons for the world to see.

With infectious sights and sounds vocalist Ash Costello has left her mark in every ringing ear and devoted eye.  Like a haunted house she’s painted grim portraits with harsh decayed brushstrokes.

Diary of a Creep is a reflective look back at their dream and nightmare-inspiring influences and could be their modern day Garage Days Revisted.

Singing since 13, Costello’s developed her split-haired red and black attack transforming herself into a creepy, cool, songstress loudly luring listeners with her crafted charms.  Like an alluring black widow taking us to her costume decorated corner of the asylum, we are witnessing things we can’t un-see.

Five cover songs diverse in genre, style and era get a mirrored face lift, tinkering in mechanics and machinery.

Original opener Disgust Me is an adrenaline raising hello.  New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle gets heavied-up, removing some of the vintage vibe by replacing keyboards with guitar solos and big drums.

A whispered intro replaces the four-count on Pantera’s Fucking Hostile lending a more industrial groove to the brutality.  Costello screams like a banshee, but Dime’s string mastery and Anselmo’s raw guttural punctuation can’t be matched.

Linkin Park’s Crawling has a more pronounced electro-industrial club feel with Costello’s vocals a more natural fit.  Garbage’s Only Happy When it Rains is Costello’s first of two female fronted covers.  The original grungy flavor is updated to New Years Day 2018 with Costello adding more attitude and fury to Shirley Manson’s depressed smile.

No Doubt’s Don’t Speak has a more dramatic, serious delivery haunting with its piano stroked beginning, icy cold delivery, heavier bombastic groove and classical finish.

New Years Day will play The Witching Hour Tour with In This Moment, P.O.D. and Ded starting January 16.

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