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Night By Night - AlbumBacking vocalist and bassist for Sheffield’s finest exponents of melodic rock , explained; “ are without doubt one of the best young bands out there today.  Real songs with great riffs and vocal harmonies.  Packing the best of the 80’s with a youthful, fresh enthusiasm.”  High praise indeed from a fellow who should know a thing or three about crafting good quality melodic rock, don’t you think?

So what can fans expect from this long-awaited debut full length album by some up and coming British rockers?  It is a muscular sounding collection of tracks which the quintet have executed very well, incorporating where it feels appropriate a three-way harmony vocal assault.  Both singles that have been unveiled in the past couple of years are in attendance and are in the shape of and .

Changing the direction dramatically from what he was known exclusively for, of dark and moody rock outfit (you’re not allowed to call them gothic according to main man Andrew Eldritch) is prominent throughout this recording, capturing all that is great about classic rock.  Holding onto Holding On, Everywhere Tonight and It’s Not Faith all hit the mark with their no-nonsense presence, encapsulating strong vocal melodies in to the mix.

Without meaning to be clichéd, NxN is packed full of soaring hooks which arrive thick and fast, compounding the confident and refined instrumentation.  Prompting thoughts of a young and hungry at times, make it all sound so effortless.  If Only starts out like a idea before growing in to its own skin.  The final song arrives in the form of the longest track and goes by the name of Never Die Again.  After starting out like a reflective soft ballad, it then shatters all illusions of a lighter-waving moment by cranking up the rock once more.

Looking for anything to be critical about, NxN brings about the idea a ballad would have shared their softer side and injected a little more diversity to the proceedings.  Apart from this minor quibble, have a fabulous melodic bruiser on their hands which keeps on giving with more listens.  The material is strong and washes over the senses with consummate ease providing new highlights on every visit.  Thoroughly enjoyable and worth checking out if you’re partial to not only the Lepps, but also those who appreciate the more melodic moments of Tesla perhaps.

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  1. I have heard their album, it’s great! I’m not sure what you mean about needing a ballad on the album!?? It’s got two ballad-esque tracks on there in the form of ‘If Only’ & ‘Everywhere Tonight’, so I’m unsure what your quibble is? Apart from that oversight…..a good review mate.

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