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Night_Riots_-_Howl_EP’ new EP Howl heads straight for the nostalgic vibe incorporating a modernized sound with a classic Synthpop flavor. Released on January 20, 2015, Howl is a juxtaposition of AFI, Human League and The Cure. What is impressive about this EP, aside from its debut at No. 17 on the Billboard Heatseekers Charts, is that it will not only facilitate fans of 80’s KROQ music, but new fans as well. Each song has a dark, underlying sound mixed with industrial New Wave.  Already praised by Billboard, MTV, Huffington Post, FUSE, KROQ as well as other media outlets, taking notice of will be extremely easy.

Leading with track one,  Oh My Heart (Vignette)  stage the tone for a continuously enticing album. Oh My Heart (Vignette) features strong background vocals and an industrial pop feel with a hint of Flock of Seagulls influence throughout the chorus.

Contagious is intuitively the most radio friendly song on the Howl EP with its catchy opening hook and danceable beat. Currently the single is No. 5 on Sirius XM Alt Nation’s Alt 18 Countdown. Night Riots accomplish a concert of rock with trance in a most funky way.

Track three, Holsters could definitely be transported into a song from an 80’s film soundtrack. The timeless sound and the rock ballad element in the chorus adds a new dimension to the album. As Travis Hawley’s vocals transcend, this is clearly the most memorable track showcasing his range and power. Obvious influences from Flock of Seagulls, Robert Smith and Vampire weekend bring Holsters that extra special factor.

Track four, Break is a standout song in the sense it features a totally different vibe than its predecessors. The heavy synthesizer and off beat drum riffs are attention grabbers offering more of a house trance feel to the album.

With heavy drums and Bono-esque vocals, track five, Shine’also brings a sexy vibe to this already significant and addicting album. The melody is very rich and is the most modern song. Track six, Follow You  could have been a little more memorable. While it is a decent track, Night Riots has shown more strength with the other songs and leaves a bit of disappointment and could have used more of the heavy guitar melody and less of the softness.

Night Riots connect 30 years of music and resurrects the style making it relevant in this day and age. Timeless, edgy, synth heavy with clean vocals and instruments will expedite the success of not only the band but also the Howl album.







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