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From humble Texas beginnings making YouTube videos of guitar play techniques, has built her own audience, eventually leading to major industry attention.  Holding a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Texas she joined metal band Before The Mourning upon her West Coast arrival.

Stringfield then took a huge step forward auditioning for the all-female Iron Maiden tribute band The Iron Maidens.  Raised on Maiden among other metal acts, Stringfield wowed the group earning Dave Murray’s spot on the Maidens stage, clocking in at seven years and counting.

With constant touring and other projects taking up her time she was determined to get new, original material out to the people.  She’s done so, ending the year with her debut EP Harmonies for the Haunted.  The album is a very non-Iron Maiden sounding five-song collection showing what she’s capable of on the electronic shredder and what the future holds including chiseling out some time on the next trip home, unleashing a full length record.

The harmony begins with When the Devil Comes Down, a very Mississippi-like blues fused infestation of original sound.  The spellbinding tune opens ears to what this iron maiden can really do with her own music and creativity.  Weaving out notes like a voodoo princess, she sure didn’t meet the devil in Georgia.  The heavy guitar holds down weight almost synthesized in tone, carrying the song in blistering fashion.

Haunted is a soulful tune with ups and downs, highs and lows, fox holes and peaks.  It’s an emotional hanger holding multiple moments with a long vocal riff laid out on guitars and drums.

Unbroken is a return to the ‘80s, a little bit Bark at the Moon with a lit’ bit of Helloween thrown in.  Musical beasts chase notes on the fretboard as horror movie elements awake and rise under a full moon.

Lone, sprinkled notes start Take Me with a little nudge and nod to Lita Ford.  Straight from the Heart gives flight to guitar harmonies and fret work.  It could be her version of Eruption with power metal flavor and a musical quest on guitar.

If you’re a fan of The Iron Maidens, check out Harmonies for the Haunted. It’s a nice introduction to what Stringfield can do without the Maiden backdrop and a taste of what she has coming next, straight up the irons.

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