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Nine Miles South logoNewcomers Nine Miles South bring a modernized mix of Country, Classic Rock and Blues to the table with their upcoming EP set to be released on September 7th. Produced by Samuel Burden, the Guildford, UK-based band has a distinct crossover sound that is both unique yet eerily familiar as they take the listener on a nostalgic journey and create an epic feeling of wanting more. Formed by lead vocalist Sebb Mikkelson who was originally from Denmark and moved to the UK, he is joined by Jon Antony on guitar and backing vocals, Andy Sleigh on bass and backing vocals along with David Wilson on drums.

The Reckoning starts of slow and sultry with a big finish. The beginning almost resembles Metallica’s version of Turn The Page with an amalgamation of country and Classic Rock and going into an 80’s metal guitar solo without losing the ultimate feeling of the song. The ending speeds up a bit as if it is the peak ending of a roller coaster ride of rock n’ roll. Track two is called Leave Me Be which brings a softer, acoustic sound with a more soulful melody and a loop of blues and rock. It’s a song that is extremely radio friendly and brings about an intimacy. Track three, Fingernails is like a Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and 80’s rock cocktail. This song is unpredictable in its predictability which makes it such a great song.

Nine Miles South are taking the UK by storm at their live shows so it is only a matter of time before the US is on the bandwagon. Hopefully, this EP will warrant a full length album in the near future. Meanwhile, this is an album that will be listened to on continual play.

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