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dsc_2710On Tuesday December 20, The Not So Silent Night Tour came to the Mad Frog stage in Cincinnati bringing merry mayhem and ringing ears to one and all.  The night’s lineup included six support acts with touring acts 9Electric and Drowning Pool.  Unfortunately the seasonal bug struck Drowning Pool vocalist Jasen Moreno for the night rendering him too sick to perform.  However, the band made the best of the night with 9Electric playing a high energy set with guitarist CJ Pierce and bassist Stevie Benton coming out after to jam on a few DP classics for the fans.

The Dayton scene was well represented with several bands starting with the old school grind of 7 Levels. Getting down and dirty with what makes metal the dirty, scummy, smelly, beloved music it is.  With elements of thrash, punk and hardcore, they played tunes about killer dragons and the fire breathing, dark winged ex’s you want to keep in the distant past. Cincinnati flow art performer Elixir TheEnigma came up to perform with LED hula hoop during the set.

dsc_2651Paralyzed Minds  were a mixture of System of a Down and Deftones, introducing everyone to the Chemical Ritual, then gave or helped us avoid some Bad Karma, finishing with Just for One Day.

Epikist delivered more ear damage with an early morning pick me up, for those that prefer breakfast on a mirror, Four Lines, more is all you need.  Stand Tall had crunchy, twangy chords going down like toxic- strong backroads whiskey, talking about that boss from hell that everyone’s had or has that you want to do unpleasant things to.

Mourning Aftur came on like a loud, mean, merciless sounding hangover. Combining the best and most vicious parts of Deicide, Obituary, Hate Eternal and other great growlers  it was time to Release The Anger, The Mourning Aftur’s a mean old bitch, be prepared. They sang about some good ole serial killers and harmless, private obsessions.

Freel changed the pace adding some sexy, strong female swagger and attitude to the testosterone domination.  Bringing the classic, hard rock sound and the southern spirited voodoo conjuring’s of Dorothy, Amber Nicole Pattman’s voice soared strong into the mic giving the Sweet Angel her wings.  Dying never sounded so sweet and inviting.

Dayton’s Hellraiser came on with the wide eyed, intense glare of vocalist/guitarist Scott Wilson screaming out the scare tactics with some early math on 6 X 3. Sometimes the horror and truth of your own reflection was enough to drive you mad on Mirror Mirror.

dsc_2596Straight from Los Angeles 9Electric came out in rock star fashion.  Leather clad with glowing drum kit and a laser light show spraying the faces and room like a rapid fire rave with sweat flying, fist bumping energy.  Singer Ron “Thunderwood” Underwood spent much of the set in the crowd making friends.

The high octane kicked off with New God and the fuse was lit for the ticking Time Bomb. Part night club come to life, part Pink Floyd laser show and part Sunset Strip neon light, their show was bright, colorful, loud and Beautiful.  The slow creep of Take It Away went a little NIN complimented by the fast, hard stomp of Lies.

Elixer came back up for another performance giving the lasers a fresh glow.  It’s the Little Things that break the relationship link, being stripped emotionally Naked.  Goodbye hit with power anthem prowess as Filthy was a tribute to the women that rock stars love to get in trouble with.  They went old-school on Feel This.  Title track The Damaged Ones played out the life stories and tragedies that make us who we are.

They broke out some Bon Scott on Dirty Deeds finishing with Destroy as you Go.

Pierce and Benton came out to jam on some DP classics.  Freel guitarist Thomas Hayes came up and sang Tear Away while everyone joined on Bodies.

Images by Mike Ritchie

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