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THE ORDER OF ELIJAH - War At HeartChristian metalcore is great counterargument when speaking with those people who think metal is only about death and worshiping Satan. is one of the newer bands in this surprisingly large group thanks to their sophomore album, War At Heart, that’s releasing early in 2016. Dethrone, their previous record, was closer to deathcore and a fantastic debut. However, if ’s first album was a step in the right direction, War At Heart is taking two steps back.

The record starts off with an intro solely comprised of a deep voice speaking, which does nothing to lead into the next song besides setting the lyrical tone.  The first portion of War At Heart is  forgettable and painfully generic in due part to the boring and slow guitar work. By the time From The Dusk, an interlude, comes on, it’s such a breath of fresh air from the rest of the songs, that it’s one of the best tracks on the entire album. There are other moments of once was in many of the other songs, but they’re too brief to make a difference, with the exception of Haunted. 

The problem lies with each song’s composure. Dethrone worked so well because balanced quick riffs with their breakdowns, so their breakdowns had an impact on the listener. War At Heart has slower riffs and weaker song structure, which makes many of the breakdowns underwhelming and a bit bland.

The vocals of The Order Of Elijah will also be hit-or-miss for a lot of new listeners. They balance a decent amount of highs, mids, and low screaming, but the unique sound isn’t for everyone. When combined with the hip-hop-styled rhythm of the songs, they’re reminiscent of with meaningful lyrics, which is more than a little ironic, considering The Order Of Elijah calls them out in God’s Unwanted Children.  With that said, the screams work quite well and are the one aspect that make the band stand out.

It’s worth mentioning that War At Heart is by no means an awful record, but it’s remarkably average in a sub-genre that has a problem with bands blurring together like the sight of a heavily nearsighted man. If you’re new to The Order Of Elijah, do yourself a favor and check out their first album, because this new album doesn’t stand out nearly enough.

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