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dsc_0513Ancient Egypt and East Coast Jersey invaded Columbus Thursday, February 16 as and Overkill smashed through The Park Street Saloon on night three of their 26 date U.S. tour.  , with newly acquired vocalist and guitarist Brian Kingsland took their trademark technical death assault from the crypts to the mosh-ready minions with the full force of the gods as supported new record The Grinding Wheel.

Third time was the charm for three new tunes played with a battalion battery of lights and strobes with the strong and faithful Blitzkrieg Ellsworth screech straight from the gutter.  Father Time was rudely ignored with an extended outstretched middle finger as they delivered the goods for the newbies and the old school.

Columbus’ Asylum Effect opened with a three song set with the advancing battering ram feel of Bonzai, leaving a lasting memory slammed in the skull.   Artisan Phobia slowed down the strings with a more direct jam and vibe.  Bonzai II finished with technical high peaks and pitches weaving electrified grid like solos with sludgy breakdowns.  

dsc_0525Locals Everlasting God Stopper brought the Disintegration with rapid fire kick drums in face busting assembly fashion.  It was punk and rock down hardcore, sweaty and mean.   Believe the Lie delivered catchy vocal melody with a nice head banging beat.  City of Fire screamed with a hardcore, techno, punk flaming cocktail, finishing with a half and half shot of Adrenaline Junkie/My Absolution.

Nile came to annihilate bringing instant brutality from the catacombs, beginning with Annihilation of the Wicked and a pit Sacrifice Unto Sebek.   The first Black Seeds of Vengeance were planted on Defiling the Gates of Ishtar.  The unbelievers and heretics reigned on Kafir.

The Gods Who Light Up the Sky at the Gate of Sethu lit up the pit with ancient inspired fury.  The slaughtering In the Name of Amun was unearthed and proclaimed.  Hittite Dung Incantation invoked the expulsion of those possessed.

Sarcophagus awoke the unspeakable stories of Nephren-Ka as the Black Seeds of Vengeance ended the worship.

dsc_0909The neck wrecking began with Mean, Green Killing Machine.  They went classic back to the original fire on Rotten to the Core.  The pit got an extra shot of voltage to shake and bake with the Electric Rattlesnake.  A happy Hello from the Gutter came with a customized New Jersey salute.

Goddamn Trouble was in the air hovering over the revolving pit.  From ’80 to 2017 the fire stills burns bright and loud.  Going back to ’91, the Horrorscope said Nice Day… For a Funeral with album partner Infectious.

“Here’s something brand new from us to you, Our Finest Hour.”   White Devil Armory got a quick appearance on Armorist.   Blitz said they were gonna do something a little different and go way back to the origins, taking a trip to the Emerald Island with Thin Lizzy.

They encored Ironbound, with “Two to the body, one to the jaw… Columbus Ohio, E-limation!” Columbus didn’t care what anyone said… Fuck You!

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