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Over the past half-decade have cranked out a handful of trademark badass records, building freight train momentum with a continuing kick to the face mix of heavy, hardcore, thrash induced metal with the always present voice of .  The band that began their legacy with classic tunes Beg To Differ and ,  and writing the arena stomper have released five records from 2012 to 2017 from Carved Into Stone to this year’s Zero Days.

Victor has used his guitar as a virtual pile-driver, slamming out riffs, rattling speakers and causing moshing hysteria all the while giving father time the finger, getting heavier and louder on every run.

On Zero Days Victor talks about the news, the dangerous impact of social media and lifestyle differences between the East and West coasts all under the band’s accompanied all-seeing eye.

The record is a mixture of slammers, bangers and anthems with melody and growling riffs played throughout.

However It May End starts with Victor barking out lyrics with sharp spite and stinging razor clad strings.   forewarns of the perceived limited time we have left with apocalyptic where withal.

In an isolationists utopia Off The Grid takes a break from technology, hiding from detection while Divide and Conquer’s catchy chorus carries a melodic and stomp-ready war-vibe.

Forced Into Tolerance plays like a heat seeker with ballistic range before the yelling bite and steamrolling effect of Blood Out Of Stone and Operation Of The Moral Law.

The Whispers yells back and forth on how the other side lives.  Self-Righteous Indignation drives along with slow pummeling buzz like drill bits going berserk.

The disk ends with the melodic sing along Compulsive Future Projection and the feedback laced red eyed guitar notes of Wasting Of The Dawn.  





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