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Red - Of Beauty and RageWhat is ?  Some say it’s a color or the stop signs in our lives while others believe it represents passion—the love for another; and pain—the love for another.  It’s the blood coursing through our veins when oxygen hits—open and exposed.  is many things; a rose sparkling in the reflection of the beholder’s eyes or triggering salty tears over the loss of love; man, woman, child, dog, cat…it doesn’t matter–it’s all .

is Of Beauty and Rage, the newest release from lead vocalist, Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong and bassist Randy Armstrong.

Of Beauty and Rage, coming your way February 24, 2015, offers 15 songs of heart-wrenching music—each track as solid as the next in lyric and harmony.   According to Barnes, the new LP “is about suffering and finding the beauty in that.  No one in this world likes to suffer, myself included, but we only become the strong individuals we are today from the trials and hardships we faced in the past.”  Of Beauty and Rage delivers all that and more.

Laced with thought provoking gems such as Imposter and Darkest Part, delivers exactly what they set out to do.  The tunes are memorable and addictive; the lyrics dark and truthful daring you to explore those regions of your mind you shut down.  It’s just a scary place to be for long periods of time alone but will guide you and maneuver you through each experience as they have in the past.

With music spanning a decade, Red has released four other LPs; End of Silence (2006), Innocence & Instinct (2009), Until We Have Faces (2011), and Release The Panic (2013) each one just as good or better than the next and that’s echoed loud and clear in the bands’ statement on their Pledge Page from, “We’ve created, hands down, our best album yet.”   The band is also very happy to announce an exclusive, collectible full-length graphic novel inspired by their music and video.

So what is Red?  Of Beauty and Rage, the newest release.

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