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all-that-remains-madness-300pxAll That Remains is back with a new album–Madness, releasing April 28th. The band has dealt with their fair share of criticism from listeners who don’t believe that they have stayed true to their metalcore roots. As they have said, they write what they like, not really caring what critics have to say and that is certainly evident on their latest release. Rest assured, there are definitely still some heavy songs with hard pounding drums, bass and guitar and growling vocals. In fact, the first three songs on the album will most likely be pleasing to those who prefer the heavy side of life.

Opening track Safe House is perhaps the heaviest song on the album, complete with haunting keyboards that fit the dark story of a man inviting robbers into his house to kill them. Next up, the title track Madness, which is also the first single on the album, followed by an equally heavy Nothing I Can Do. Then comes a twist. The track If I’m Honest is a completely different feel, though it certainly sounds like something that you would hear on the radio and it gives vocalist Phil Labonte a chance to show that he can actually sing.

Again, the band flows right back into heavy waters with Halo, and Louder is an anthemic, crowd chant-along song. There are a few more tender songs , such as Far From Home, Back to You and the emotional River City–written about Labonte’s wife, who at the time was deployed in the Middle East. Open Grave, Trust and Believe, and Never Sorry are also hard-rocking tunes that feature a mixture of growling, screaming vocals and melodic lines. An unexpected cover tune, The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks, rounds out the album.

So, no, this is not what you would call a metalcore album, but All That Remains is capable of performing in a variety of styles, and this certainly isn’t an adult contemporary, easy-listening record either. They seem to transition between sounds well, and the musicianship and songwriting are not compromised one bit. Take a listen with an open mind.

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