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Boston area noise makers have cranked out records reflecting their philosophy of “no rules but their own” for 18 years, combining country, rock, metal and whatever else suits their fancy in the studio at the time.

Late 2019 brings us The Record, a collection of tunes that for the unheard ear might seem foreign on the same record, even sounding like different bands playing–but that’s the way they like it.  Like their heroes Queen, they have a “no limit or boundaries” work ethic, recording what they want to hear.

The Record is Skynyrd meets Soundgarden, Pink Floyd and at different parts blending country notes and twang with their signature stamp of diversity. It calls out the rocker, metal head and country fan in style, sometimes plugging in all three on the same tune just because they can.  Songs often switch genres along with decades, churning out the sounds of the ‘70s, 60’s and multi-decades of country.

The acoustically-strong, country influence of Broken Hearts is a brave, clever opening choice as guitars blaze with quivering notes.

The Gun is a note slinging, sludgey number, switching decades as a ‘70s refresher–rebranding dish topped with a distorted, dirty sax solo. Graves is the moody ballad of the collection with melodic, dark Pink Floyd vibes and vibrations.

Burn Down the Farm is a loud, thudding bass thumper, with the title track spinning like a trippy, mystical, Alice in Chains euphoric dream-like feel.  Fools ends heavy with a grooving guitar onslaught.

The Record is definitely a mixed palette of styles and sounds, though most people could find at least a few tunes to munch on.  It’s what does, and they do it well.

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