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Saint AsoniaWhat’s the difference between polished rock and a natural rock formation?

Polished rocks become virtually indistinguishable from each other, while natural rock formations can truly become unforgettable.

The same rule applies to rock music; case in point, the original rock band, aka “Supergroup,” Saint Asonia.

Recently formed Saint Asonia is being hailed as a “Rock Supergroup,” with good reason. The lineup consists of the former Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier, Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist Corey Lowery, (Eye Empire, Stereomud, Dark New Day) along with drummer Rich Beddoe, formerly of Finger Eleven.

With all their collective talent and experience, Saint Asonia just did what came natural to them, they poured their heart and souls out into every song.

While much of the rock music today is routinely “polished” and molded, for Saint Asonia, rock is just a natural, visceral thing. On this album, you can feel the grit and raw intensity of emotion in every track. Together, they’ve ascended to a whole new level with this first, masterful album release. There is such depth, you can actually hear the true weight of the lyrics, hard and heavy riffs, and pounding drumbeats deep inside of you.

We here at Screamer Magazine had the distinct pleasure of reviewing their 11 track, self-titled debut album Saint Asonia prior to the worldwide release on July 31st, and want to share those thoughts with you.

The first track on the album, Better Place, is truly a badass, gripping song with heavy guitar and bass riffs throughout. Another hard hitting song, is Blow Me Wide Open, where you can almost taste the tumultuous love/hate intensity in every word, and will feel it in every chord.

Let Me Live My Life, has this awesome, thumping bass line, guitar bridge, and a killer chorus. If ever you’ve been in a bad relationship and just wanted OUT, this song may soon become your anthem.

The borderline ballad, Even Though I Say, has a slower, more mellow feel to it, along with that underlying ‘tragic love’ kind of vibe as well.

Other favorites include the song Fairy Tale, with such poignant lyrics and a hard rocking progression, it’s certain to be high on your playlist. Also, King of Nothing; which has an absolutely edgy sound, and some seriously sweet bass and guitar licks. (By the way, these lyrics are sure to pack a punch for whoever this song brings to mind for you.)

Waste My Time is a romantic acoustic ballad, sure to be dedicated to that special someone in your life. Also evoking similar emotions is Dying Slowly, with awesome musicality from all, coupled with the lyrical angst to be with someone, or to die without them.

Trying to Catch Up With the World, is a deeply, tragic song that will tug at your emotions. It also has this unique, “riding into the sunset” guitar riff that you’re going to absolutely love.

Yet another gem of a break-up song is Happy Tragedy, with a hard hitting depth that will rock you right through some darker emotions. Last but not least, the heartfelt ballad Leaving Minnesota, with so much melodic emotion, that you can actually picture him staring out the window leaving town…

All in all, Saint Asonia’s debut will haunt you. This is no ordinary new band, and there is nothing ordinary about this album. They are currently touring the Midwest with some East coast dates already in place, but we are waiting in anticipation for tour dates out West, so stay tuned.

Yes, quite naturally, Saint Asonia is truly a supergroup of rock, with an clear edge that is certain to be unforgettable.

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