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EPSON scanner imageA summer tour for 2014 put , Myles Kennedy, Frank Sidoris, Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz on stage with Aerosmith as they hit 19 dates across the country.  The last three shows are took place at legendary Hollywood music venues: the Troubadour on September 23, the Roxy on September 25 and the Whisky on September 26.

World On Fire released on September 16 is the third solo album for and the second to feature the vocals from Kennedy.  This album holds almost 78 minutes of unrelenting guitar rock at its best.  The opening riff for the title track is axiomatic and is doing what he does best.  Not only are his riffs cut throat and slithering, he has once again produced an aggressive, in your face album.  With Kerns on bass and Fritz on drums, the album showcases the ability of each member of the band.  World On Fire was written while on the road and himself stated the album felt more like a band than a collaboration as each member was at the top of their game.

The 17 track list includes , Shadow Life, Automatic Overdrive, Wicked Stone, 30 Years to Life, Bent to Fly, Stone Blind, Too Far Gone, Beneath the Savage Sun, Withered Delilah, Battleground, Dirty Girl, Iris of the Storm, Avalon, The Dissident, Safari Inn, and The Unholy.

As Shadow Life begins, it has the feel of a ballad with a hint of darkness and sneaks in the pounding chords and drums and haunting vocals with a bit of suggestiveness lying there.  Throwing in a bit of a retro rock feel with Automatic Overdrive, this track is reminiscent of a 50’s cruise night turned drag race.  Wicked Stone; a tricky start; which way will it go?  It’s a continuous trajectory of guitars leading into an anticipated solo which also brings this track to a cataclysmic finale.  30 Years to Life has a surprise feel of rock streaked with a bit of blues as the story is told.  Slowing the drive with Bent to Fly, the vocals from Kennedy is another welcome tender and memorable side with captivating backing vocals.  Stone Blind, Too Far Gone and Beneath The Savage Sun is the classic sound brought by The Conspirators.  Would it be politically incorrect to say Withered Delilah has a Southern rock vibe to the intro?  Definitely different than what is usually heard by Slash and the guys, but very well enjoyed.  Battleground slows the tempo again the pleasurably soft vocals grace this track with Kennedy’s atonement of higher octaves being rendered with ease.  The remaining tracks bring incredulity for the listener as each has a complete difference to the one before.  The advantageously written lyrics throughout the entire album gives reflections to so many different stories that it’s quite breathtaking.  Harmonious, savage, carnal and melodious are only a few descriptives given to an album of this magnitude.  Get ready to turn it up to 11 and enjoy.  This album is definitely going to set the .

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