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The Repentless Killogy is both a video narrative companion piece to a live show and a graphic cinematic swan song to the band in their final year.  The concert itself was filmed in August 2017 and released during their final leg with a two night November run at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

The killing takes place over a three part video series directed by BJ McDonnell telling the story of main character Wyatt (Jason Trost), a former neo-Nazi in bloody search of group leader Luther.  It begins with Wyatt digging a grave under the hot sun as Danny Trejo narrates the opening scene with prophetic words about the book of life, telling stories through chapters of good and evil, light and darkness, heroes and monsters.  This is the end of the monsters.

The violence and gore during the 40 minute R-rated story ranges from intense and mean spirited to over the top and comical.  It’s a collection MTV wouldn’t have touched back in the day, or now for that matter.  The Repentless Killogy finishes after the Pride in Prejudice video, continuing the narrative till the end of the show.

You Against You starts with Wyatt walking into a diner as a bloody shootout occurs with a pile of bodies in its wake.  Wyatt staggers out as his brothers ditch him and the cops then grab him.

Repentless begins with several horror genre stars making cameos.  Wyatt escapes his cell, killing staff members and opening cells for the tier and prison yard riot.  He takes his target out and returns to his cell.

Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects) starts Pride in Prejudice at the neo-Nazi house being told of the murders.  Two months later Wyatt is kidnapped with Trejo’s character to the basement of their headquarters.   A mid-level boss comes out with Wyatt’s girlfriend demanding he kill Trejo’s character.  Wyatt snaps; vicious brutality ensues starting a vengeful killing spree.

The search for Luther begins with Wyatt chasing, torturing and killing members of the Brotherhood of the Hand in inventive, painful ways; vigilante justice done street style with a particularly mean spirited scene with Luther’s mistress Elizabeth.

Brother William (Ryan Gibson) before his demise tells him he’ll be at a show.  Wyatt calls in a favor to D (Jessica Pimentel).

The scene cuts to at The Forum during Angel of Death with Luther (Micah Fitzgerald) pacing through the crowd as D watches.  Luther gets backstage as the show ends but D stops him before he can accomplish his objective.

The band discovers the aftermath as she disappears into the night, with Wyatt closing shop and Trejo closing the film in narration.

Once the storyline narrative ends the live narrative begins, earlier that day with Slayer’s August 5th appearance at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Slayer is not only the soundtrack to the underworld but the soundtrack to generations growing up in the ‘80s, ‘90s and beyond.  They’ve kept the viciousness and audio violence through screaming shrieking strings and thunderous drums surrounded by flames while also proving leather pants have never gone out of style.

It’s as loud and adrenaline soaked as any Slayer show. The DVD stands as a proud live staple of what they were known for and a bittersweet salute to their history, although you just wish Jeff Hanneman was up there killing solos and Dave Lombardo had been invited to play the last shows.

If you never saw them live, this shows them as a band that never slowed down, giving 100% brutality.  The name Slayer will still be yelled and screamed at shows.  They came, beat the hell out of your ears and body if you were close enough, then left.

The concert, directed by Wayne Isham, is a visual shredding account with frantic cuts, capturing all happenings on stage, in the crowd and pit while also showing the still razor sharp musicianship and intricacy of guitar solos of a band going 30+ years.

They played the classics including some old school stuff and a few surprises to give fans a loud, in person offering of select tunes.  The Antichrist is the first rarity played early in the 20-song set.  There’s a great spot-lit shot from the back of Tom Araya thanking the crowd.  If you’re gonna get off the ride, now’s the time, he grinned, screaming into War Ensemble.

Hallowed Point brought back visions of the first Decade of Aggression.  Araya announced a love song, not 213, but the love shared between mother and son, Slayer style, dancing with the dead in their dreams.

The riff of Bloodline began resurrecting memories of heavy face masked crimson stains.  The six song list of end of show staples began with Seasons in the Abyss, Hell Awaits and arguably their Master of Puppets, Raining Blood with Angel of Death screaming out the end.

We’ve been told Slayer will continue in other ways.  Now the world waits to see what Kerry King does next.

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