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Soilwork - The Ride MajesticOnly a few months after the release of their first live DVD Live In The Heart Of Helsinki, Swedish melodic death metal band will be releasing their 10th studio album titled The Ride Majestic on
August 28th. Bjorn “Speed” Strid on vocals, Sven Karlsson on keyboards, Dirk Verbeuren on drums, Sylvain Coudret on rhythm guitar, David Andersson on lead guitar and Markus Wibom on bass have outdone their previous albums with The Ride Majestic that can be classified as an evolution for this band. While some bands use the method of combining screamo and melodic vocals, keeps it fresh and it doesn’t get tiresome, it only gets more amped up and interesting.

The album leads with the title track which was also the first song to be written for the album. With what Strid says about the intro setting a certain melancholic mood that goes into pure melodic mayhem, it will be clear to listeners that they are in for a perfect storm when they listen to this album. It is apparent they have heavy influences from Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold and Killswitch Engage which fuels this synonymous blend of melody and screaming vocals. Track two comes at you a little bit harder. Alight In The Aftermath pounds away from the second it starts. Continuing with the scream, melodic vocals
and metal-tinged guitars, the chorus is very catchy and even going into track three Death In General, the consistency continues and is somewhat of a metal ballad while not going too soft. Picking back up,
Enemies In Fidelity goes back into the faster metal but there is a bridge of harmonious vocals where Strid hits some higher notes being the standout part of the song. Petrichor By Sulphur and The Phantom
escalate the album even further and then we get back to a slower pace with track eight Whirl Of Pain. All Along Echoing Paths has an epic guitar intro phasing into Strid’s scream and melody. The final track
Father And Son Watching The World Go Down has a powerful and anthemic sound like the title track.

The great thing about is their ability to keep a feeling during the album. Some albums sort of lose their sound by the third or fourth song and many times people will skip around but The Ride Majestic is not one of those albums. The production is exquisite and the order of the songs are not shocking to the listener, it all flows together which makes this album so enjoyable. While this genre seems to become too predictable, the energy of blistering guitar riffs, raw yet pleasant vocals are what sets Soilwork apart from the others. This is one band who will see longevity in their music if they continue to
add new sparks to their music like they did in this album.

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