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sully-erna-hometown-life-300pxHometown Life is Sully Erna’s second solo album.  A stylistic departure from his first release 2010’s Avalon and a 360 from his main band Godsmack.  He’s opened his mental diary of personal, private stories, stages (musical and life), opening up to his audience and the world.  If all you know is Godsmack be prepared for something different as he fills the rock stage with intimate space.

Erna used the same musicians from Avalon, each showing versatility delivering new diversity.  Erna’s father plays trumpet on Tear It Up, a proud moment for father and son.

He’s set aside the loud electricity and Godsmack roar for more subtle instruments and delivery. Stripping away the front man bravado, picking up an acoustic.  Erna opens up dealing with father time’s schedule to watching his daughter grow up to finding maturity with age and experiences.  Inner struggles, personal demons and life’s yin and yang throw plenty of seeds for great stories.  Songs timestamp years and eras with music, documenting chapters of his life at specific times.

Hometown Life opens like a fighting champion with dramatic piano keys, painting with an open notebook of honest, emotional lyrical portraits showcasing the true value of coming home to what’s normal and most dear.

Short tune Your Own Drum’s a self-reflection with salsa swing, bongo drums and scaled back delivery.  A little bit country, Different Kind of Tears talks about the personal emotions felt deep inside when the door closes and it’s just you and your thoughts.

Turn it Up’s got the jazzy, snazzy baseline, trumpets and sax, bluesy on guitar with a big band feel.  Blue Skies walks the road kissed line on the pavement of life.

Father of Time talks about the mortality everyone faces and tries to find a way to preserve it so the good stuff can last longer.





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