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There are plenty of ways to spend time at a summer fair, but when you’re done riding the questionably safe rides and going bankrupt buying $4 bottles of water or $10 Coors Light (seriously, food and drink is a luxury at this place), some of the live artists are worth seeing.  While some may think is a second-rate Nickelback copycat, they actually put on a pretty decent show. Unfortunately, they didn’t start the show off on the right foot. opened with So Happy, which is a good song to pump up the crowd, but the guitar wasn’t making a sound.  Despite recovering fairly quickly mid-song, the sound crew couldn’t fix the issue quick enough in time for the miniature guitar solo at the beginning. When the guitar was back on, it was too quiet throughout the show (with the exception of the guitar solos).  Granted, isn’t the most guitar technical rock band out there, but it still held the show back from being great.  With that said, every member performed well, so these critiques are rather minor in the grand scheme of the show. Even with the sub-par audio balance, brought their A-game and played slower rock ballads like Santa Monica to their heavier songs like Panic Room, so there was a variety that would please rock fans of most generations.  This setlist obviously included the band’s popular radio-friendly songs, such as LowlifeHate My Life and Angel. In addition to the song variety, frequently mixed up tempo in their lengthy setlist.  One moment you’d be listening to All Or Nothing (which committed the live-music sin of using a pre-recorded piano), then Blow the next, which was followed up with Bitch Came Back.  This great setlist allowed the concert to thrive and prevented it from becoming too monotonous.

Theory Of A Deadman even incorporated slow guitar solos to transition from a quicker song to a slower song and a funky drum solo to keep the energy alive during a slower portion of the show. The encore ended the show with a bang by saving  and Bad Girlfriend until the end.  However, they separated those two songs with introductions of Sweet Home Alabama and Paradise City.  These teases are more annoying than nostalgic.  If a band is going to play the beginning of a popular song, they better cover the entire thing. The light show was rather forgettable, which was a letdown because the first noticeable sight concert goers were greeted with was a post-apocalyptic stage theme to match their newest album Savages.  Gas masks and phrases like “save ur self” and “run, run, run” were spray-painted on panels.  The most unique prop was the microphone stand, which was a shotgun coming out of a gas canister.  While the theme gave the stage a nice atmosphere and was aesthetically pleasing, but it contradicted some of the many Theory Of A Deadman’s songs about breaking up. Even with the many flaws in the show, Theory Of A Deadman still performed well.  They have more than a handful of good songs, which kept the crowd entertained.  Sure, many of  those songs are shameless and a little stupid, but sometimes it’s OK to occasionally have mindless fun with the outrageous $10 beers.

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