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Three Days Grace

The second day of Ink In the Click 2017 continued the tunes and tours, with the first tests of stamina, effects of sleep deprivation, and signs of sunburn were felt.  Saturdays celebrated ink experiments included best large black and grey, color and traditional (5X7 and bigger) and color portrait.

Saturday brought 16 unshackled bands to Mansfield.  Cleveland’s Hope the Hollow , Mansfield’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  and Columbus female-fronted My Beloved banged out the first three afternoon slots on the second stage with Grindhouse, Heartsick, Autumn Burning, Davey Suicide, September Mourning, Motograter and 40 Below Summer playing the headliner spot.  The Monsterdolls also got the crowd and day started dancing on the middle stage, providing some ghastly music led dancing entertainment above ground.  Columbus’ Dread Engine and Las Vegas’  Adelita’s Way opened the main stage with Gemini Syndrome, Starset and Knoxville’s 10 Years playing.

Four guys decorated as half Mad Max and half trick or treat experiment gone wrong, Columbus bred Grindhouse arrived to serve out some tasty, trashy tunes with ‘70s classic flare.  Guitars barked out the opening riffs of Death Starstruck.  Divine indulgence was requested with lyrical bibles thrown and guitar strings chomped on Pray for Me.  Guitars chiseled out the tell-tale of the solid built impenetrable heart, Bulletproof Soul.  Murderous intent was documented on the Zodiac while the beast in every man was proclaimed on Demon Inside.  A closet full of personal secrets came out on Skeletons.   Welcome Home pulled out the welcome mat introducing the unholy company already there.  Hells breath lit up the highway and stage like inflamed gasoline shining under the sun on Shut Up n Drive.

Davey Suicide

Lansing Michigan’s, Heartsick started with the keys to Code 105.  Illegal Aliens Vs Internet Predator hurled lyrical plunder in the crowd.  Rose Casket Diary picked up the pace with melodic vocals and comforting screams.  Coffin Chaser was a mellow message about following the dead, one way or another.  Tuesday Club Massacre brought the eerie horror movie chills as they screamed out the Moxie putting an ending blood stamp on the show.

Autumn Burning was Millersburg Ohio’s modern rock five-some mixing Creed with Nickelback.  They played a set of mostly new, unreleased tunes with a few sprinklings of older songs.  Pray, Cliff’s Edge, Never Enough, Silhouettes, Hidden Within and Seven were all new, exclusive live blood for the band.  Nowhere Left to Fall pounded heads before hitting rock bottom.    

The L.A. spawned Unholywood creatures of Davey Suicide raptured the crowd with hymns of decadence and debauchery, showing the shining spirit of the Sunset Strip and the smells of gutter trash were alive and well with Suicide and crew resembling KISS after a zombie apocalypse.  It wasn’t Halloween, though every show’s Devils Night for Davey and horde.  So many stories of legends, kings and heroes going down the Rabbit Hole have been told; some come back, scarred and alive.  Some don’t.  They spun the timeless tale of kids, rebellion and self-expression on Kids of America.  When normal becomes the minority and freaks take over, there’s Too Many Freaks not enough circuses.  Hitchhiking the road of life, she gave into indulgence one too many times and you would have her back but she’s No Angel. The throwing fists anthem Rise Above poured out anger, controversy and rebirth as Davey screamed out the new generation’s anthem roll call Generation Fuckstar.   

Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome took the mainstage next performing alchemic formulas and wizardry starting with a loud balance of Pleasure and Pain.  With angelic companions among us, they examined human mortality on Remember We Die. There’s plenty of time on the other side, Eternity lasts forever.   The cards of karma and destiny were dealt in the dark, decrepit underground on Basement.  The trappings of greed, fame and fortune led to vanity and access but all you take with you is your soul, Sorry Not Sorry.   Musical Stardust was offered and delivered.  Zealot ended with the search for self.  

L.A.’s half-human half-reaper hybrid September Mourning came out in full character and custom made to convert new followers and collect new souls.  As anyone seeing September for the first time that afternoon now knows, she’s impossible to forget.  The graphic comic book came to life as Mansfield became the Eye of the Storm.  When it’s all said and done we’re all just Skin and Bones as our souls go to the next world or the next body.  The black roses came out as the reapers and September did a cover of Stand By Me.  September introduced Riven, Wraith, Shadou and Stitch and their story saying they were all Superhuman.  September took to the crowd, like an angelic sighting from the sky.   20 Below kept the comic book cat and mouse chase alive as they ended the show calling Mansfield the Children of Fate.

Cinematic rock from Columbus Starset took band imagery to a cosmic level, incorporating astronaut suits, standing bass players and a drummer encased in a cube.

Into the Unknown opened up exploring the cosmic with the solar rays of the evening sun beating down.  Frequency tuned into the electric eye of the Satellite.  Telescope further told their story.  My Demons explored the frustration, fear and misunderstanding of the early onsite of technology and what became the modern day way of life.  Bringing It Down addressed inner demons and negativity while Ricochet bounced interstellar ideas from stage to crowd.  Carnivore clamped down with melodic pop cyber teeth, digesting ongoing data as the trippy atmospheric waves of Monster ended the earth bound planetary exhibition.  


Santa Barbara’s tribal warriors, Motograter hit the stage like a metal version of Cannibal Holocaust and The Green Inferno led by vocalist James Legion.  They hit the crowd with a mix of new and classic tunes, honoring the old while celebrating the next chapter.  First song and new single Parasite started the modern 2017 version of the Grater.  Get Back and Wrong echoed the old school with a twisted spiked knuckle punch to the ears and memory.  Dustin “Skunk” Anderson played the bands skull-headed instrument like a member of Leatherface’s family beating on a homemade decoration while Legion went to the crowd and got comfortably close to new fans.   Dorian ushered in the new school while Down swung and bashed out more history.  The pit reinforced Suffocate ending with new tune Paragon.

While there they filmed the video for Dorian and made a YouTube documentary about the shoot and show.

Three Days Grace  opened with the biographical rallying call of the Machine. They broke out old school tunes on Animal I Have Become, smearing the stage with cynicism on Just Like You.  Chalk Outline reminded what was left behind as the addictive Pain came through the speakers. A request for space was politely screamed for on Break. Matt Walst roared out a tune from their last record, Painkiller. Home is where the heart desires to be, crowded or alone. Things got moody and classical on The Real You. They brought a few tastes of The Good Life in time before the Time of Dying.  Never Too Late was about the times life changes things for the good or bad and was up to us to make it work.

They went back to 2003 and did a song about loving and hating someone at the same time, with a thin separation.  The crowd popped for the opening notes of I Hate Everything about You singing the chorus. They encored with Drown with the crowd bouncing out to the ending Riot.

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