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In their nearly decade of existence, Sweden’s all female have gone through trials and tribulations, enough to put a permanent pothole in the road to success.  Sole original member guitarist Filippa Nässil has soldiered on, carrying her vision high with pride along new blood in vocalist Guernica Mancini, bassist Sara Pettersson and drummer Emlee Johansson.

In June 2017 they released their single We Fight for Rock N’ Roll along with a 20-date European tour highlighted by a successful appearance at Wacken Open Air.

They’ve toured with Michael Monroe, W.A.S.P, and Danko Jones among others with a summer of fast-paced shows rolling into intensive rehearsal and studio time, cranking out 15 songs in 10 days.  Recorded live, virtually in one take, 13 tunes made it on their self-titled third album.

They specifically wanted a loud, wicked drum sound like their Aussie idols AC/DC with their third offering featuring debut ballad Fire in the Rain.
Comfort zones were left, but their signature sound is still there in ramped up, road hard, ‘70s rock style, from first record, 2014’s Rock N’ Roll Disaster to 2018’s Thundermother.

Revival began with Bon Scott-era atmosphere and building drum beat as vocals fly with guitars sporting ‘70s flare.  Survival Song’s groovy beat plays side by side with its stubborn lyrics and guitar jangle.

Racing on Main Street’s a drag race to damnation with hell, fire and fumes licking the tail pipes. Inviting and courting trouble, it swears off safety.  Fire in the Rain carries subtle, emotional notes mixing with introspective lyrics fueled with passion and forces of nature.

Hanging at my Door rumbles with attitude of a woman not to be messed with, while Rip Your Heart Out carries volcanic riffs, with drums hitting to rupture.  We Fight for Rock N’ Roll clanks the metal bell and could be their, For Those About to Rock.

If you love AC/DC and classic ‘70s rock with some sexy female flavor, is your ticket to the Highway to Hell.   



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