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Tremonti - Cauterize is set to release their second album via Fret12 on June 9th, titled Cauterize. Interestingly enough, the album was originally going to be called Providence, but after Mark spoke to his brother Dan about the name and was told that it would bring religious assumption about the band just like Creed and Alter Bridge have faced in the past, Mark decided to change the album title to Cauterize. was  determined to steer away from the stereotype and the limits he felt musically. “” means to burn the skin or flesh of a wound with a heated instrument to stop bleeding or prevent infection which could be a metaphor in some ways. In listening to this epic album a distinctive juxtaposition of speed metal and melody definitely bring the title of this album home as if the instruments they play are stopping any doubt that has burned all infectious conjecture ever again. As each track takes off like a bat out of hell, nothing less than the ultimate level of badassiticity is achieved and anyone who listens is in for a wild ride and an album filled with songs that are ecstasy to all headbangers.

Radical Change starts off this album like a jackhammer and chisels its way into an almost classic Metallica moment that veers into a melodious trance with a chorus that is sure to linger. What a way to start off and already shows signs that Cauterize is out to dominate Tremonti’s first solo album, even as impressive as it was. Flying Monkeys brings up some question if it was actually written with the feelings of the flying monkeys in the Wizard Of Oz. It has all the insanity and the lyrics speaking of lies, being held inside and being held captive could be applied in some manner. Or perhaps, Tremonti is singing about how he felt held back in his music with his previous bands and is now able to have the ultimate freedom in his writing. provides some very heartfelt, almost jazzy soft guitar riffs towards the end and goes right into Arm Yourself. This track rockets right into a mosh pit feel but without being completely predictable, it moves into a more sexy, slow vibe that sucks you into another dimension of the song and then throws you right back into madness. Dark Trip surely lives up to its name, with mesmerizing lyrics and guitar chords. Tremonti’s vocals shine on this track and all the elements of the band come together in this ballad. It’s a sure trip into darkness with a quintessential guitar solo that shoots straight to the heart. Another Heart, Fall Again, The Noose, Sympathy and Providence complete the album that leaves no stone unturned, no questions as to how monumental Mark Tremonti is as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter.

With Eric Friedman on rhythm guitar and background vocals, Garrett Whitlock on drums and Wolfgang Van Halen on bass, together with Mark Tremonti they create a powerful, passionate, solid, galvanizing album with Cauterize. This album screams creative freedom and musical genius. Cauterize shows no boundaries and leaves its fans with everything they hoped for in this album.

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