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TYLOR DORY TRIO – Carried AwayHailing from Canada, the has released a four-track that makes a statement about where they stand presently as a band. Carried Away is filled with a kind of gentle aggression. And though the description itself may seem to be a paradox, this is truly something you’d have to hear to understand. There is uniqueness to their sound—almost as though they’ve created a genre on its own. It features their unique blend of with a tinge of over haunting vocals. Each song has a distinct feel, but all have a commonality to tie it all together; heavier, moodier riffs supporting expressive, vocals.

track, Time, The Beholder opens with a haunting piano melody followed shortly by softly vocals. Eventually, it gives way to a more assertive sound. With frequent changes in time signature and key, this track really gives listeners a glimpse of the challenging music the trio can perform. The second track, , is easily of the stand-out tracks on this EP. It really captures the dark, moody, and more complex elements of the band. The third track, The , emphasizes the bands influences. While the previous tracks will demonstrate the ’s capability of producing beauty, this track shows that they are also capable of producing pure brutality. The final track, Anne, is a primarily instrumental track with an artistry that fits right in with the rest of the album.

According to the group’s page, their intention as a group is to create non-genre specific music drawing from all realms of influence; metal, progressive, grunge, and anything else that inspires them. This shows in that the music on this is incredibly diverse. The songs on this short seem to represent the very tip of the creative iceberg that are capable of producing and sending out to the vast ocean that is the - scene.

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