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The Underground Rebels - American NightmareAmerican Nightmare is the third release from The Underground Rebels.  The Vancouver rockers now live and perform in Las Vegas.  Fronting the Rebels is Kurt Frohlich who plays guitar, along with D Harkema on bass and lends his vocal abilities as well.  Todd Waetzig on drums, who also plays and tours with The Blue Man Group rounds out the band.  First formed as The Loving Dead, they changed their name as their sound and image evolved.  Being influenced by some of the most acclaimed bands in rock such as Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, KISS, T Rex and David Bowie, The Underground Rebels have created their own vigorous sound with a positive rock and roll perception that has been welcomed by audiences of all genres.  They have opened for Motley Crue, Dokken, W.A.S.P., Bang Tango, as well as touring with Sebastian Bach, formerly of Skid Row.  After their second album, Insult To Injury, the third album is a welcomed treat to fans old and new.

The eight track album features Rock & Roll, American Nightmare, Mars, My Girl, Tonight, She Makes It, Roach and Someday.  The album is downright rock and roll with fetching lyrics and driven by deft guitar skills.  Contributing to vocals on Rock & Roll and Mars is Todd Kerns (Sin City Sinners/Slash) as well as a solo by Dirk Vermin on their cover of the punk band, The Vermins, Roach.  While the songs have the pounding rock coveted by fans, Someday serves up a power ballad with acoustic appreciation.

The band hosted a CD release party on October 13 at Count’s Vamp’d to an eager crowd ready to rock as Kerns was a special guest of the night.  American Nightmare and Insult To Injury are available on iTunes and definitely warrants time and investment to any rock collection.

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