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9electric-the-damaged-ones-smallLos Angeles bred formed in 2010, scouring the earth with their laser light beamed electric rock writing high energy danceable tunes you’d hear in a club, rave, stage or potential hallucinogenic state.  They released their first EP Control in 2014 and have graced fans with their full length debut The Damaged Ones earlier this year.

Whether personally or professionally damaged, the band has collectively told their stories on 12 songs chronicling pain, struggle and sacrifice to find redemption and closure.  Everything good and bad that’s happened has been harnessed and put on record with vocalist Thunderwood singing and yelling the tales. Like a wound up for life fast action motion toy he seems to run on adrenaline whether live or recorded.

opens with a message of love given and scorn received as the journey from emotional damage to electrical charged recovery and resurrection is found.

New God is the shortest tune with poppy energy while Naked is naughty by nature with uncorked keyboard hedonism, like a mind altering pill slipped in mouth mid-party.

Beautiful slows down the dance a bit to replenish while Lies gives off a hyper-speed buzz.

The uber-catchy Goodbye brings together an ‘80s feel with a tranquil Type O Negative style delivery.

Take It Away could be considered the happy song, NIN never wrote.  Little Things is subdued and low key about the small stuff that gets in the way with nothing but shattered dreams to think about.

Filthy tells the age old story of those beautiful, nasty Barbie Dolls and the debauchery that ensues.  Toxic Angel brings the sweet, intoxicating aromas of love, lust and disguised venom as the body count of poor souls seduced under their destructive black wings rises. When the heart and hormones blind the mind, bloodshed often follows like a reapers blade.

The Damaged Ones is a superb debut LP from one of L.A.’s rising stars.  Watch for in 2017!




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