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Blitzcreek Bookings has done it again by bringing national talent to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. On Sunday, April 7th, rolled into the parking lot of local bar, Tailgators for their seventh straight show in as many days.

Prospect_Hill0_40713_ (315 of 498) hails from Massachusetts where they have been pounding the pavement for several years now. Their most recent album, Impact (a mixture of new material and songs from their previous releases),was originally released in August of 2012, but they have just recently had a publicity team backing them and are now making the rounds, touring since the beginning of February. The band has played in a support role on national tours of multi-platinum selling bands, and through good old-fashioned hard work are surely on their way to being the main headliner of sold out shows nationwide.

Prospect_Hill0_40713_ (332 of 498)Following a bit of a delay due to some technical difficulties, Iowa bands Stone Park Ritual and Divinion started off the evening and got the crowd in the mood to rock. After mingling in the crowd during the opening acts, took the stage with massive amounts of energy. If they were dragging after a whirlwind week, it was not evident at all. Vocalist Adam “The Voice” Fithian was the quintessential frontman, full of chest thumping intensity and crowd interaction. “The Voice” is definitely a fitting nickname for Fithian, as his baritone vocal range is both gritty and passionate. Backed by the powerful energy of the rest of the band; Derek (D-Rock) Rousseau and John Roberge on guitars, Edgar ( Paco) Troncoso on bass and vocals and Mark (Bamo) Roberge on drums. Their performance intensity was such that it  was as if they were headlining a huge rock festival and not a local Iowa bar.

Prospect_Hill0_40713_ (333 of 498)Their show featured songs off of Impact such as Roller Coaster and Come Alive, older songs like A Patriot’s Anthem  (a tribute to our troops) and Secret Me, and Superhero and Breakdown, which are songs that make appearances both on Impact, and on previous Prospect Hill releases. The band ended the evening with their first single off the album, Come Alive, encouraging the crowd to join in with them on the chorus, and then socializing with the fans again after the show.

For a Sunday night show, the bar was full. The majority of the crowd appeared to have stuck around, despite the delayed start, and most of those were still there at the end of the night, even though most would have to work the next morning.

Cedar Rapids is no stranger to Prospect Hill, as they were a part of the 2012 Winter Riot Tour featuring Gone For Days, Dorydrive, 3 Pill Morning, Digital Summer, 12 Stones and Taproot. Due to the smaller venue and the chance for the band to meet and greet with the crowd, it’s safe to say that Prospect Hill has made many new friends and fans in Iowa, and will certainly be welcomed back with open arms any time they can make their way back to the area.

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