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Although Puddle of Mudd’s singer Wes Scantlin has certainly seen his share of headlines in the last decade, it might be hard to believe that the band hasn’t put out a full-length album since 2009. Until Welcome to Galvania, that is. Although Scantlin is the only name you might recognize from the original POM days, the sound is still very reminiscent of the band’s early days, so long time fans will definitely enjoy listening to these tunes and most likely a new era of Puddle of Mudd fans will form. 

The opening tune is You Don’t Know is a great album-starter, as it feels like it could fit in right on the first Puddle of Mudd album, but it’s also not dated with its racing guitars and thumping power. Followed quickly by the single Uh Oh, it is sure to be one that the crowds will sing along to and definitely has a mid-90s, early 2000s vibe. There is also a cleaned up version of the song at the end of the album, as Scantlin does drop the F-bomb quite a bit here. 

The post-grunge influence is heavy on tunes like Go To Hell and Diseased Almost, and Scantlin seems to be channeling Scott Weiland on the latter song. The album then takes a slightly softer turn with My Kind of Crazy, Time Of Our Lives and Just Tell Me. A close listen to the lyrics in several tunes seems to show that Scantlin is referencing some of his prior trouble with the law. The album ends (well, except for that clean version of Uh Oh) with a more thought-provoking tune with a sad sounding intro, Slide Away

Although Puddle of Mudd and particularly Scantlin have seen their fair share of trials and criticisms over the last few years, it seems that the signature sound is still strong and hopefully brighter days are ahead for the band. 


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