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Quiet Riot is ready to make some noise once again with the release of their 13th studio album titled Road Rage, set to be released on August 4, 2017. Known for being the first metal band to top the pop charts, Quiet Riot has experienced many successes and their fair share of tragedy.  After numerous changes in frontmen since the death of lead singer Kevin Dubrow it seems that Frankie Banali’s vision of revitalizing Quiet Riot has finally come to life after the album was put on hold after Seann Nichols left the band and the announcement of James Durbin taking over lead vocals, which was a genius move. 

The delay in release for Road Rage was unquestionably worth the wait so that they could re-write the album with Durbin. Banali (drums), Alex Grossi (guitar), Chuck Wright (bass) and Durbin (lead vocals) have created a masterpiece that is true to classic Quiet Riot while adding a fresh and cutting edge sound. The fusion of songwriting that Durbin brings to the table is an impressive inclusion and exemplifies the creative connection the new line-up has altogether.

Can’t Get Enough starts the album off with a cocktail of 1980’s metal and Durbin’s well known high pitched vocal range which remains transparent throughout the album. The commitment Durbin projects vocally and a youthful approach to songwriting gels as a whole with the other members of the band. Roll This Joint vibes like the April 13, 2011 cover performance of Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal Durbin did with Zakk Wylde. The sultry drum opening of Still Wild and Durbin’s bluesy vocals synthesize to make this the most memorable track on the album. Make A Way, Roads, Renegades, The Road, Shame and Knock Em Down perpetuate the nostalgic Quiet Riot hooks and the album keeps the momentum going from start to finish.

Road Rage is an impressive feat for the members of Quiet Riot and will put any doubts to rest once this album is heard. Durbin completes the perfect circle of a new Quiet Riot.

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