Ragdoll Rewinds at Vamp’d Vegas

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DSC_5599mFriday the 13th, full moon, show number 21 for on their Tour; what could be more perfect than that for Vegas? 
Vamp’d Vegas once again opens its doors for an unbelievable night of music.  The crowd already gathered is intently waiting as band number one of four prepares with a sound check.  Preempting is First Class Trash, a Vegas hometown band, followed by Cage9 from Los Angeles. The powerhouse trio from Perth Western takes the stage as band number three of the night and the night ends with Mad Life also from Los Angeles.
is (guitar), (drums) and (Bass/Lead Vocals). Walking around backstage as they set up for their eight song set, Rafferty has his massive mane tied on top of his head and is barefoot. Todd is ‘pre-shredding’ as Barrett re-arranges the drum kit.  Rafferty prepares his space silently and intently; the energy is vibrant and sovereign.  The deep purple velvet curtain is opened and begins the night with Tell Me.  The word powerhouse is an understatement in describing the band.  Todd packs sound and technique that one would rival any four or five piece band; no need for a touring guitarist to fill in any holes or missing riffs as Todd covers it all with ease and mastery.  Barrett’s style on the kit is much different to what is normally heard today as the back beat of a band; beats that are reminiscent of 70’s rock mixed with his form and fierceness. Rafferty’s vocal range is deep, efficacious, ariose and exactly what compliments the music made by the trio. 
DSC_5895mContinuing with their original music Playing GodHere Today and Astray, a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio is given with an unrivaled cover of Holy Diver that brought a horns up moment for the night.  Each song brought the party crowd nearer and nearer to the stage as everyone was dancing along and even singing to a few of the choruses.  It was obvious had taken the audience as each were feeding off the vivacity of the night.  Todd bounds about the stage with endless jumps and intensity as Rafferty’s vocals and bass are a site and sound as he performs barefoot, hair now down and completely animalistic.  Barrett completes the riveting stage presence with his exceptional command of his craft. 
DSC_5656kThe 40 minute stage time comes to an end with All I Want which was released just last year.  Todd, Rafferty and Barrett have won over yet another audience with their no holds barred type of attitude.  Their unmistakable, yet ever so original Ragdoll sound and resolution has enveloped the turnout of the evening giving them another packed venue of new fans.  The guys are ever so grateful and eagerly meet their new followers after the show giving autographs and photo opportunities well until after 2:30 a.m. where they left with a standing invitation to return to Vamp’d as soon as they can return to the U.S. 
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