REBEL HOTEL – Locked, Loaded & Ready to Rock – LIVE in Hollywood

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_flyer_5476On April 4th, 2015, at Loaded Hollywood, a cool, little venue where you enter the club through “gym locker” doors alongside the bar, the hard rock band Rebel Hotel checked in to rock the house. The band consists of Ricky Ohrn; vocals/guitar, Satoshi Ichiyanagi; bass, Gabe; lead guitar and Carl Marelli; drums.

Long before Rebel Hotel stepped foot onstage, they had already caught the crowd’s attention with their massive, leather-clad road crew, who swiftly set up their effects and lighting. The room went dark, for a moment the crowd fell silent, and then “BAM!” Smoke and strobe lights filled the room as the band took the stage, and the crowd went absolutely wild.

Rebel Hotel exploded onstage starting their set with Gotta Go, followed by a series of hard-hitting songs including Overflow, Heartbreaker, the rock anthem Rebel Hotel, and concluded their set with an incredible rendition of the Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash, where lead singer Ohrn was hopping around the stage like a jumping jack. In fact, they were all bouncing around that night, putting on a high energy show that swept the audience up in their enthusiasm.  Ohrn had this to say: “It was an energetic explosion on the highest level…” He then added, “The crowd started packing in and once we took the stage, the wall of sound, smoke and lights, rocket launched my adrenaline rush….”

rebel_5470In fact, the smoke flew and the strobe lights flashed so rapidly that you were almost afraid to blink. They were also filming a video that night, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

After the show, the audience and other bands raved that Rebel Hotel absolutely killed it from start to finish. Rebel Hotel will be coming back to Loaded Hollywood for a “Toxic Tuesday” on Tuesday, May 12th. So come check out Rebel Hotel, while there’s still a vacancy.

CLICK HERE to view more pics from the show.

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