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Rebellious Spirit - Gamble ShotHailing from South Germany, these youngsters ranging from 17 to 20 years of age have accumulated a collection of ten tracks that make up their debut long player called Gamble Shot.  Are they hoping to be the next German answer to the successful Scorpions?  Well, they are influenced by the likes of Mötley Crüe, Poison, H.E.A.T., Hardcore Superstar and Reckless Love amongst others.  Vocally, Jannick Fischer has moments of Vince Neil and yes they do have an overall European melodic rocking vibe, but they’re no Scorpions.

Lights Out buzzes and fizzles with the right balance of energy and hooks, and complete with a broken down section designed for an audience participating moment, could be a real staple song in their set-list for a long time to come.  First single Sweet Access Right has good intentions and works well enough as does Don’t Leave Me, the hopeful power ballad.  It’s a lot to expect from a young band who are releasing their debut album to be a complete unit in all respects, and that’s part of the delight of listening to this as it hints at better things to come.

Brimming with enthusiasm, they rock with songs like Gone Wild and Rock It, whilst songs like Change the World and You’re Not the Only One offer up their sensitive side.  Gamble Shot is inoffensive as it tackles a style that harks back to the eighties, and is a fine starting point for these young rockers.  How they plan on achieving the levels of quality that were captured on an album like Address the Nation by Swedish melodic rockers H.e.a.t. remains to be seen though.

Forever Young they may be right now, but one day they’ll wake up a lot older and here’s hoping that they’ve grown a lot more, delivering some new ideas to an established style of rock music.

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