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RED - Release The Panic’s fourth studio album, Release the Panic, goes in a different direction than what we are used to from this band to say the least. When they started with their 2006 End the Silence release, they were perhaps one of the hardest hitting hard rock groups in the scene at the time. There are still traces of that time in the new release, but only on a few select tracks. What this album really brings to the light is the next step in the style.

is perhaps one of the most well-known groups in modern hard rock. They have achieved a lot in their career, including touring with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Godsmack, and Skillet just to name a few. It’s not just their touring history that is impressive though; the band has received 5 Dove Awards, 10 consecutive Number One hits, and two Grammy Nominations. The reason for this lies within their music itself, and the new release only fortifies this reasoning.

Release the Panic was released late in 2012 and has been received by many in a positive light, but it is definitely an album that takes a little getting used to for veteran Red fans. The album is a completely different feel than their previous works incorporating primarily industrial elements over their signature hard rock styles. One thing that you find on this album that will be familiar to Red fans though is their straightforward lyrical vision that always presents the listener with positive and uplifting themes while still addressing relatable topics. Another factor that keeps the Red theme is the use of a ballad in the album. There are a lot of slower songs on this album than in past records, but the ballad on this record is “As You Go”, a soft melody of lead singers Michael Barnes and underpinnings of gentle guitar and industrial instrumentals. So, overall, this album may not be the super heavy hard-hitting Red we all have come to know in love in the past, but this album still packs a punch and brings us into the next generation of music from one of the best hard rock groups of our time.

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