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Dokken is back! Words all metal fans would love to hear, and it is almost true. Three members of the original band George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown have come together to create the band T&N and will release on October 31st their first album called Slave to the Empire. On the album are seven original songs along with five Dokken remakes. Vocals are split between several different singers including Tim “Ripper” Owens, Doug Pinnick (Kings X), Sebastian Bach and Robert Mason (Warrant). The great thing about this album is that it feels like a concert, mixing some old greats with some new tunes. The album starts off with the title track Slave to the Empire and a hard hitting sound that shows the band went back to their 80’s roots. Sweet Unknown is more of a modern sound that lets the listener know right away that this is more than just another metal album with no emotion, but instead showing that every note counts. The band quickly shifts gears with the remake Tooth And Nail, while the music is solid the arrangement does lack the punch that the original song had. It’s Not Love, Into the Fire, Alone Again and Kiss of Death are the four other remakes from the Dokken age. While it is tough to single out certain songs, the highlights would include Slave to the Empire, When Eagles Die, Alone Again and Into the Fire. It is very easy to see that the talent behind all the great Dokken albums has returned here with this disc. T&N more than a tribute to the 80’s sound; it is an evolution into what metal can be in today’s age.

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