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Originating from Milan, Italy, the band Rhyme is ready to take the international markets by storm with the release of their second album, The Seed and The Sewage on December 3,2012.  Following their debut album Fi(r)st, this is their first release on Bakerteam Records. The band is currently on tour in Europe, after having been a headliner on the Retrospect Stage at Rocklahoma 2011, and touring Europe with Papa Roach and Misfits.

The band claims their influences as nineties metal, hard rock and southern rock, and hints of all of the above can be found on this album.  Their music is replete with bursts of minor pentatonic licks as well as blues-oriented grooves, all in drop C tuning, reminding the listener at times of Black Sabbath, and Soundgarden, and even occasionally “new” Metallica. Guitarist Matteo Magni, also exhibits influences of Slash and Zakk Wylde at times, while drummer Vinny Brando brings to the table modern rhythms that are not characteristics of their 90’s influences.

Bassist Riccardo Canato is the primary lyricist, with vocalist Gabriele Gozzi joining in on the writing duties occasionally.  Canato/Gozzi’s lyrics are inspired by social and economic events, as is evident on songs such as Fairytopia, with its commentary on the predominance of plastic surgery amongst young women, and Nevermore’s emphasis on the inhumanity of war. Gozzi’s emotive vocal stylings could land him the frontman role in bands of many genres, with his ability to use multiple registers with simplicity.

The album features 10 original songs, with a hidden cover track of Wrong by Depeche Mode. From track 1 to 11, Rhyme delivers a cohesive and homogeneous package, with no weak areas or sagging and bring the intensity of a live performance to their recorded work, as many bands are rarely able to accomplish.

Click here to purchase The Seed and The Sewage.

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