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Lacey Sturm - Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Lacey Sturm – Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Saturday May 21 aka first day of hangover fatigue for second day rangers and three day stayers hit with more rain but wide eyed first day attendees were ready to go.  Lacey Sturm opened stage 2 with Aranda, Texas Hippie Coalition, Issues, Parkway Drive, Ghost and Lamb of God. Citizen Zero, Jelly Role, Wilson, New Years Day, Crown the Empire and Clutch played stage 3 while P.O.D., Saint Asonia, Pop Evil, Steel Panther, Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch and Rob Zombie occupied the stadium.

Madison Malloy, Craig Grass and That Metal Shows Eddie Truck, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine supplied the laughs.

Lacey Strum started off, adorned in black and white stripes.  The former Flyleaf singer opened with tracks from Life Screams; played a few covers and Flyleaf favorites, while her band danced and flew around like it was MSG or Budokan.  Starting with Impossible, she sang through the dramatically powerful The Soldier and Rot. She turned to the ‘80s and The Police for Roxanne with a harder rock edge.  She told a story at 16 when she didn’t believe in God and was in a bad place not liking people who did and was suicidal but a conversation with Him, changed her life around, playing Flyleaf’s All Around Me.  She ended with a montage of I’m so Sick/Fully Alive, Call you Out and How He Loves.

P.O.D. - Photo Credit: Jason Squires

P.O.D. – Photo Credit: Jason Squires

P.O.D. opened the main stage with a very hand’s on Sonny Sandoval playfully daring anyone to get on stage with them, leading one fan to try and Sandoval asking security to let him back in the crowd.  They started with a Boom, Sandoval went straight to the barricade.  Then Rock(ed) the party (Off the Hook).  They sang about some Murdered Love, Sandoval went into the crowd, literary to meet the fans and share some love during the show, getting lost in the moment and Lost in Forever.  

“We got 24 years of music to play for ya’ll, I don’t know how we’re gonna fit that in 30 minutes,” Sandoval said as the opening bass lines of Youth of the Nation started.   They finished with Alive.

Anaheim’s New Years Day brought the horror makeup and West Coast metal, too bad they couldn’t have brought the sunshine and weather.  Striking vocalist Ashley Costello flipped her red and black mane all over the stage, striking a chord Eyes Set to Kill style.  Starting off with Malevolence opener Kill or be Killed, they celebrated the inner sickness.  They went to the Epidemic EP and the bewitching horrific Other Side.  They went a little survival mode Mad Max style on I’m about to Break You.  The cold, cruel hand of Malevolence smacked us around heading into the outbreak contagion Epidemic, we’re all infected.

Beware of the Angel Eyes behind the madman’s mask. They went out of their way to make a scene ending with Defame Me.    

Hellyeah - Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Hellyeah – Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Metal history was about to be made on the main stage as Saturday May 21 marked the return of Vinnie Paul to Columbus.  99.7 The Blitz introduced them, marking the moment in history as the crowd chanted Hellyeah and Dimebag.  Paul took the stage and kit, raising hands and sticks to the crowd. Chad Gray screamed “Burn this Motherfucker to the Ground” busting into Demons in the Dirt.  They went for Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood).  Gray screamed let’s get fucked up, till we fall down Drink Drank Drunk.

More blood came with the Moth and Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones).   They played new song Human from the upcoming Unden!able.  Paul’s hands slammed hard and fast on the hyper speed Say When. Gray talked about the brotherly camaraderie at metal shows and music being the fountain of youth.  Every time he heard Raining Blood he was 15 again.  “If you came out today– make some noise for yourselves Goddammit, the true metal kids are right here!  We fuckin need you, thank you so much for your heavy metal support.”  “Do you wanna sing a song with me?  If you know the words sing’em, if you don’t know the words and I look at you move your mouth and act like you know the fuckin words, alright.”    You Wouldn’t Know.  They finished with balls, volume and strength, c’mon, Hellyeah!

Five Finger Death Punch - Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Five Finger Death Punch – Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody came out rocking the Ed Gein road warrior coat and silver-skulled Mad Max mic opening with Lift Me Up, Hard to See and Never Enough.    

War drums started Got Your Six. They went classical on the covers with Bad Company.  Moody asked how many went out and bought Got Your Six, how many stole it off the internet?  “There’s always that one guy in the crowd, fuck yeah, I stole that shit!” Robert Louise Stevenson probably never imagined his story would get the “metal treatment” but we all have some Jekyll and Hyde inside.  They brought out the kids for Burn MF, handing out pics and handshakes, with one very energetic young lady keeping the crowd going, stealing the show on her own.  They slowed it down for the acoustic Wrong Side of Heaven and retrospective on Battle Born, followed by Coming Down.

The crowd applauded a wheelchair crowd surfer on the big screen as they played Under and Over It, then throttled into Burn it Down.  Cell phones and lighters filed the stadium as they closed with The Bleeding.

Rob Zombie’s show was a multi-media spectacle depraved carnival sideshow experience in electronic vaudeville and a living breathing musical movie.  A master of theatrics and ringleader of every moving part, there was always something to look at, whether you sat or stood.

Rob Zombie - Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Rob Zombie – Photo Credit: Jason Squires

Zombie cradled and straddled the shiny monster mic plowing through classics, new material and favorites spanning the ‘90s to current day with fireworks accompanying several tunes.

The lights went out and The Electric War Acid Witch intro blared in the darkness.  John 5’s guitar screamed to life as Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown opened the show as fireworks shot up the skyBack dropped by a huge screen, monster heads, large balloons and a life-sized retro boom box and three main stage monitors he covered the stage like a demented shaman with John 5 shredding through the set.  The Superbeast came to life early as Zombie sang the sordid tale on the first of a few mics with built in monstrosities. The Sinister Urge came on Scum of the Earth.

To the surprise, entertainment and bewilderment of many they launched into an instrumental version of Wild Thing. Tone Loc didn’t make an appearance but the Living Dead Girl did.   For the alien abduction purists, turns out that, Well, Everybody’s Fucking in a U.F.O., with the big chrome bald guy making an appearance from the cosmos.  The crowd popped and jumped for More Human than Human.  

Never Gonna Stop started with anime on the screen.  The beach balls bounced and fell as faces of classical horror flashed across the screen.  The sci-fi guitar accompanied the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore.  From the hideous whore to the hideous closed door activities of the Firefly Family, built on sin, House of 1000 Corpses said come on in.  Zombie pulled out a house skeleton he’d turned into a mobile mic stand with extra arms. John 5 took over the stage screeching and scorching the guitar strings, finishing with the Star Spangled Banner.  Zombie made a request/joke about putting down cellphones for the next song and watching the damn show.   John 5 hit the chords for Thunderkiss ‘65.  It was time to Get High, with The Consecrated Vampire.     

They might’ve look like freaks but they’re still an American Band.  A razor sharp Jaws like guitar riff came from John 5’s horror rich guitar as the drums kicked down the countdown to the last song as Zombie yelled burn burn burn! The roadster sounds of Dragula ended Saturday’s Rock on the Range.

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