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SALIVA - In It To Win ItSaliva is back, and this time with a new singer, Bobby Amaru. Fans of the band will remember that the band parted ways with former front man Josey Scott in 2011 when he decided to pursue a career as a Christian solo artist.

In early January 2012 the band announced their new lead singer as Amaru, who was formerly the front man of his solo band Amaru, as well as the drummer for Burn Season. In November 2012 Saliva publicized the fact that they had signed a record deal with Rum Bum Records, and they’d be heading into the studio to begin work on a new album.

Saliva’s last record release was Under Your Skin in 2011. They released the newest album, In It To Win It, on September 3, 2013. In It To Win It is the eighth studio album for Saliva, and it was produced by the talented Bobby Huff (Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, Halestorm).

This record stays true to Saliva’s “in your face” rock sound. The songwriting is similar to past albums, which leads us to believe the rest of the band may have played a hefty role in previous songwriting.

All that’s really drastically different about their sound is the singer, which is a remarkable improvement. Amaru’s smoother, lower vocals puts a new spin on the Saliva sound, and those boys made a great choice in selecting him as their new front man.

Some of the songs you’ll want to pay particular attention to include the title track/first single, In It To Win It; also take a listen to Choke, Lost and No One But Me. All are strong songs with good riffs, flow well, and a few definitely have potential to get you rockin’ out.

Some Saliva fans may face a hurdle in transitioning to the sound of a different singer. True–it’s not exactly the same Saliva we’re used to, but Amaru’s vocals are a welcome upgrade. Give the new guy a chance!

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