SCORPIONS & QUEENSRYCHE Live – Santa Barbara Bowl 10-6-15

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BRAN4991It’s a hot fall night here in Santa Barbara and it’s time to see and hear some classic 70’s and 80’s hard rock. The legendary Scorpions and Queensryche are set to rock this quaint little outdoor rock arena, and what more could one ask for? Queensryche hit the stage and proved they were still a hard-hitting rock band with something to prove. In 2012 Queensryche replaced original singer Geoff Tate with Todd La Torre, and let me tell you– this guy has some great chops. With founding members Eddie Jackson (bass guitar), Michael Wilton (lead guitar), Scott Rockenfield (drums) plus Parker Lundgren, (guitar/vocals since 2009) the band on a rockin’ show with hits such as Silent Lucidity, Jet City Woman and Empire. La Torre worked that stage like he had been with them for 25 years. Ending out their set with Queen of the Reich they received a much deserved standing ovation.

As the curtain dropped at 7:45 the Scorpions blew in with a bang busting Going Out with a Bang and Make it Real.  A huge crowd favorite, The Zoo followed and wow, did they impress! The Scorpions played some old, some new as in We Built This House and some massive 80’s hits all night long. Klaus Meine delivers on vocals as he has done throughout his historic career song after song.  With the ever amazing Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker on guitar and vocals, James Kottak on drums and Pawel Maciwoda on bass, these five guys put on a clinic on how a rock show is supposed to be done. Moving through the set came a huge crowd favorite Wind of Change and you could hear the sold out crowd singing along to one of the biggest power ballads ever written.

BRAN5837Kottak Attack sent the famous drummer up to the rafters as he displayed his monster drumming ability and had the crowd on their feet. The last five songs of the night were what really set this band apart from other bands. Blackout followed by No One Like You and Big City Nights woke up this entire Santa Barbara neighborhood which surrounds this amazing venue. On a side note: if you have never seen a show here then you are missing out. The venue seats only around 4600 people and it’s is truly one of the best places to see a concert.

The Scorpions briefly left the stage and returned shortly to thunderous applause as the crowd wanted more. Still Loving You started the encore off then Rock You Like a Hurricane put the final touch on this incredible set list and amazing night of classic rock. The Scorpions without a doubt still have what it takes to continue making music and playing the songs that put them on top of rock ‘n’ roll for years to come.

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