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Seether - Seether 2002-2013 songs might not bring on the feel of getting off work and heading to the bar on a Friday, but they do go along with getting a few errands done while zipping around town on a Wednesday.  These staples of commercial rock radio are out with a greatest hits collection, 2002-2013.  Released on Wind-Up Records, it’s a two-disc set with 27 songs pulled from the band’s long and successful career.  The first disc features mainstream hits from early records like Disclaimer all the way through to 2011’s Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray.  The second disc has some lesser-known demo songs like Butterfly With Teeth along with a few other songs from movie soundtracks or b-sides.  Also, in some pinpoint marketing, one of three new songs has  covering the 1994 Veruca Salt tune Seether from which Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, and John Humphrey got their name band’s name, Seether.

Some rock listeners may be a little ear shy about listening to this, because usually after one of Seether’s songs comes on the radio the next one might be something by one of the more bland modern rock bands that now dominate the charts.  But after a close listen to this veteran trio from South Africa, this long string of hit singles are a diverse and catchy collection for the most part.  Songs like Fake It, Country Song, The Gift, Remedy, and Broken – with a guest vocal from the singer Amy Lee of Evanescense  –  show a band with a knack for capturing the modern rock sound with a nod to grunge-era bands.  Songs like No Resolution in particular are good hard rock songs with pained, emotional lyrics in the light verse/heavy chorus type style of Nirvana and other 90’s bands that Seether cites as their favorites.

The cover art is a brown dog taking care of business on a grassy field. The grass looks kind of dry, like it could use a treatment of fertilizer seed which could easily be picked up at the hardware store.  Play disc one of Seether 2002-2013 on the way and that trip will go smooth and efficiently.  For anyone with a Seether completest on their holiday shopping list, this is a good buy.

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