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What a night at The Castle Theater in Bloomington, Illinois.  With four amazing bands back to back the first to hit the stage was the band, Three Years Hollow; putting on a very energetic set and showed the early crowd some mad love for making it out in the winter storm.  Up next was the band Avatar.  This band comes straight out Göteborg, Sweden and  is kind of like watching a circus rock freak show with a lot of hair whips and slamming guitar riffs.  Lacuna Coil then took the stage following Avatar with two amazing lead singers who got the crowd straight pumped up for the headlining band.

HKP_9495As Lacuna Coil played their last song the crowd went wild as the stage was cleared and the fans began to chant, “, !”  One by one amps were being uncovered and drummer Morgan Rose’s drum set was unleashed to the crowd.  You could feel the room anxiously waiting to rock the house!

HKP_9302Another chant arose from the crowd as the lights went dim.  Straight off their ninth album, Black Out The Sun,  started out the evening with their first single, Decay.  The power, which guitarists John Connolly and Clint Lowery put into that song was unbelievable.  Looking back at the crowd, every single person was on their feet going insane to the bands new material and  bassist Vince Hornsby, was all smiles seeing that everyone was so excited to hear play, Decay.  Frontman Lajon Witherspoon, came back stronger than ever with so much range, rage, harmony and anger in his voice coupled with Rose’s technical drumming and a lot of double bass on the opening song; he still had his moment to shine when he screamed, “Take it away!”


The band then proceeded to play a lot of their older material, which till this day still gets the fans coming back for more every time.  Songs that were also played that night were Praise, Denial, Ugly, Bitch, Waffle, Strong Arm Broken, Pieces, Spliner and Face to Face.

A touching moment began as Witherspoon began to talk about the history of the bands song, Angels Son.  Traces of tears rolled down from his eyes onto his cheeks  as he explained how he and other members of the band had lost an amazing friend and family members.  They dedicated that song to the ones they lost and loved.  It was a beautiful moment and every person in the crowd kept the silence out of respect for the bands’ loss.  Sevendust always makes their fans feel like family and they truly are a genuine group of guys.

HKP_9316The band also played another new track off their upcoming album entitled, Till Death, another intense heavy track off the album.  Throughout their entire set everyone loved it and there is just something about this band that always leaves you wanting to hear more.  The love, the hate, the energy and just pure awesome music is what Sevendust is all about.  Witherspoon makes it his business to make sure every single person in the room is feeling what he is saying.  These guys show nothing but love for their fans and you can really see with your own eyes how much they appreciate how far they have come in the music industry today.

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