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ShamansHarvest-COVER CROPA little over fifteen years ago, in the heart of Mid-Missouri, the inception of Shaman’s Harvest began with current members Nathan Hunt, Matt Fisher and Josh Hamler.  Starting with the extremely rare 1999 release of Last Call For Goose Creek, followed by Synergy in 2002, and March Of The Bastards in 2006, Shaman’s Harvest has accumulated a very strong local, statewide and regional following which lead to the success of the album Shine in 2009 (adding guitarist Ryan Tomlinson to the line-up) which features the hit single Dragonfly, a track that not only reached up to #34 on Billboard’s Rock Songs Chart and #44 on the 2010 USA Today Year End Airplay Charts (beating out songs by Skillet, Foo Fighters, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Janus and Saving Abel) but was also featured in the John Cena motion picture Legendary.

Adding onto the groups’ commercial success, the band was also featured on the entrance theme songs for WWE wrestlers Drew McIntyre (Broken Dreams) and Wade Barrett (End of Days).  Shamans Harvest is also featured in the song Anger, recorded for the motion picture No One Lives.

With all of this forward momentum behind the band, it’s hard to not feel as though the group is about to reach a new climactic mark in their career with the release of their newest album entitled Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns.

The opening track and initial radio single to the album is an in-your-face, energetic, hard-rockin’ tune entitled Dangerouss.

Next is the sleazy groove-rock anthem called Here It Comes, a track featured on ESPN’s Monday Night Football and tells a tale of falling in love with a hooker.  Another track to be on the lookout for is Blood In The Water, a stomp-clap muddy blues song in which the lyrics incorporate the albums’ title.  Also featured is the darker, more intense re-envisioning of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana.

Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns drops on Sept. 16th but is available for preorder on iTunes and

Check out Dangerous here

Down load the track Country As Fuck for free here

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