SHATTERED SYSTEMS Comes Alive at the Whisky

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IMG_6457Outside of the borders of the U.S. rock and metal scene, Prog has a voice that screams out loud; but finding talents like Dream Theater and Symphony X in a band on the rise is a rare gem to unearth. On September 5th, 2014, the World Famous Whisky A Go-Go played host to an experience that nobody in the crowd saw coming, and it came in the form of .

Warming the stage for Dizzy Reed’s Hookers and Blow, raised the bar on the L.A. Music Scene with a half hour of searing guitar licks and a high intensity performance of real prog metal. Where did these guys come from? As it happens, their origins start in Tucson, AZ of all places.

Keyboardist Avelino Ramirez and guitarist Nathaniel Dominguez formed the foundation of as a progressive metal cover band in their hometown of Tucson in 2009. The over the top skills they exploited raised attention for the band from their inception. Inspired by artists including Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, Queensryche and even Pink Floyd, the band took their act onto stages around Arizona including the Rialto Theater, the Mesa Arts Center and The Rock until they simply grew too big for their small town stages. They set their sights on L.A.

IMG_6358Enrolling in the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, CA, the band would ultimately find like minded artists looking to create new and original music along the lines of the artists whose music had built their incredible cover shows. Add drummer Gabriel Jimenez, 7-string bassist Brady Tait and the golden pipes of vocalist and front man Lucas Almeida. Shattered Systems was born anew!

In 2012, the band took to recording samples of their works and began working on a solid set of material to bring to the stage. With more than 90 minutes of music ready to play, they set out to blow minds on the L.A. music market. That goal has been achieved.

IMG_6377In 2014, the band is in the studio assembling the tracks for their official CD release as well as performing regularly throughout the L.A. circuit. Recent shows at Amplify and Billy O’s have proven their ability to draw and the onstage performance at the Whisky has clearly defined the band’s staying power.

Discover the band on their Facebook page at Booking and contact info is available as well as links to videos and sound bytes of what’s to come from the band.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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