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“People have different pieces to their personality and feel a depth of emotions at different points in their life. It doesn’t make sense as an artist to only dive into one emotion so I decided to incorporate different styles and sounds and fit them together.” –

Australian born singer, songwriter and guitarist , formerly of the rock band Sick Puppies will be releasing his first solo album self-titled Shim on September 14th.

After leaving the band in 2014, Moore did a lot of soul-searching leading him to a new journey in his music career. The first video single from the album titled Hallelujah resulted in a flood of positive reviews from critics and fans alike. This record showcases how Moore has evolved as an artist and in his personal life. The reflection of blood, sweat, and tears bleeds through from beginning to end, and Moore did this one solely on his own. Not only did he write, produce, sing and record these songs himself, he played every instrument featured on the record. Each track being so different from the next, the versatility showcases the exceptional level of talent that Moore possesses.

A Brand New War opens with a recognizably classic rock influence and a progressive guitar slide. This was the second single to be released from the album thus far, and while you would assume the rest of the record would be just as explosive, it is–but in unexpected ways.

Our Time could easily be mistaken as a track from a Justin Timberlake album. The symphonic intro in alignment with a dance beat is an obvious candidate for a radio charting hit. Interestingly enough, it works well with Moore’s diverse talent. Kaleidoscope is a continuation of a poppier style. Track number five is a song called Crucified and its sexy rhythm is both appealing and memorable.

Fearless mellows things back out with the acoustic guitar and proceeds into a power ballad. All Of Me is a little bit country and a little bit 30 Seconds To Mars’ This Is War. The arrangement flows smoother than anticipated. If I Don’t Wake Up hits where it counts. The vulnerability and honesty Moore allows us to hear in this album is exciting and refreshing, especially in this song. It is the perfect ending to an album that is more like a collection of potential charting hits.

Moore says he hopes that people will put their earbuds in and listen to the album in its entirety and go along for the entire ride. Having full creative control has enabled him to reach a more emotional and empowering place in his music and fulfill exactly what the purpose of the album was meant to be. If this album is any indication of what Moore can really do, it wouldn’t be a colossal surprise if he receives some Grammy nods. We look forward to seeing how high his star will rise.


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